Saint Paul’s Teacher Trivia Drawing (February 2023)

Every month, The Paper Wolf provides “Two Truths and a Lie” trivia questions from three different teachers at Saint Paul’s School. 

Students who submit the correct answers for all three trivia questions are eligible to win a gift card to the Saint Paul’s Wolf Den. 

This month’s trivia questions are as followed: 

Mr. Ancar: 

  1. I once made National News.
  2. I once played football with a Heisman Trophy winner.
  3. I am certified in deep-sea underwater demolition.

Mr. Moran: 

  1. I was a collegiate ski racer.
  2. I once had blonde hair and five ear piercings.
  3. I enjoy eating tomatoes.

Mr. Dart: 

  1. I once got to drive a WWII tank.
  2. I have been skydiving.
  3. I was once on T.V.

Can you identify the lie for each teacher? Tell The Paper Wolf what you think. 

Submit your answers by commenting on this post!

At the end of the month, The Paper Wolf will randomly select a student who has detected and submitted all three lies correctly. 

The winner will receive a gift card to the Saint Paul’s Wolf Den! 

Good luck Wolves!



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