Saint Paul’s Marching Wolves March in Seven Mardi Gras Parades, Spanning 40+ Miles

The Saint Paul’s Marching Wolves and Golden Blues marched more than 40 miles in seven parades over the Mardi Gras break.

The Marching Wolves Marched in the Krewes of Ex Calibur, Olympia, Carrolton, Hermes, Endymion, Bacchus, and Orpheus, impressing thousands of parade-goers and fans throughout.

Parade-goer and fan cheerfully displays her love for the Marching Wolves.

While many people go to parades for the beads or for other throws, a large majority of parade-goers will say that their favorite part of the Carnival Season is seeing the bands, particularly the Saint Paul’s Marching Wolves.

It is no secret that the Marching Wolves are a fan favorite; many people could be seen holding posters for the band or screaming joyful cheers for the band.

There are many reasons for the Marching Wolves’ beloved status, but it can be summed up in one sentence: no one brings the funk like Saint Paul’s.

Parade-goer Kendrick White describes himself as a “very fine fan of Saint Paul’s Marching Band.” “They gonna put on a show wherever they at; it don’t matter. I love this band; I’ve been a fan for a long time!”

The Marching Wolves are at the forefront of entertaining the crowds, starting with the “Fab Four,” a group of four Marching Wolves who stir up the crowds with their funky dances to songs like “Say You’ll Be There” by the Spice Girls. Moreover, they played with groups like the 610 Stompers before the Krewe of Carrolton.

Saint Paul’s Marching Wolves Blue Drum Major Zachary Bono dances in the Fab Four.

The Marching Wolves marched in rain or shine. The Krewe of Olympia was an example of marching through unfavorable conditions. Typically, marching through downtown Covington is a highlight for the band; however, this year, the Wolves marched during a rainstorm while the temperature was 40° F, not including a wind chill.

Senior Marching Wolf Nicholas Beaumont expressed his thoughts on Olympia: “Even though it was one of the most challenging parades I have marched in, it was still a great way to perform for the Covington community. I would not have wanted to miss it for the world.”

Although the main point of Mardi Gras is to give the crowds a show, it is also many band members’ favorite season.

The overwhelming majority of the band would say that the reactions the parade-goers have and the energy throughout the streets make it all worth it. “There is no better feeling in the world than getting that reaction from the crowds of New Orleans. Even people that don’t necessarily want a lot of attention get this certain adrenalin rush that makes them have a sense of euphoria,” said Saint Paul’s junior Samuel Drez.

Saint Paul’s Marching Wolves Gold Drum Major
Shawn Cooney leads prayer for the Saint Paul’s, Christian Brothers, and Rummel bands before the Krewe of Carrolton

Throughout the Mardi Gras season, the pride that the Marching Wolves feel from being a part of one of the most historically significant programs at Saint Paul’s and wearing that “Southern Gentlemen” uniform pushes them through the 40+ miles of marching.

The spirit of the Saint Paul’s Marching Wolves during the Mardi Gras season has not gone unnoticed.

The Marching Wolves were featured on local news channel WDSU in February.


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