Juniors Embark On National History Day Project

(COVINGTON, La.) St. Paul’s Honors U.S. History students are participating in this year’s National History Day competition, an international contest that starts with a regional competition at the World War II Museum. “The skills students must utilize for the NHD projects are the skills most beneficial in higher education. This year the social studies department is […]

[satire] CRY WOLF: Planet Fitness Offering Realistic New Year’s Membership that Expires After Two Weeks

Cry Wolf Satirical News (HAMPTON, Nh.) National fitness gym franchise Planet Fitness is now offering prospective gym members a realistic New Year’s membership that automatically expires after two weeks, according to a statement released Tuesday by the company. “Here at Planet Fitness, we are all about inclusion,” the statement read. “So we thought it was […]

(Smarticle) In Defense of “Modern” Art (No, You Couldn’t Have Done That)

(COVINGTON, La.) — In today’s world, specifically in southeast Louisiana, there exist three unmentionables: veganism, California, and modern art. People like to be victims and this sentiment seems to have extended to several parts of the United States where the people feel as if their cultural identity is repressed in modern society and, more important, […]

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