Benilde Hall Construction Causes Immediate Campus Inconveniences

(COVINGTON, La.) Many students have experienced some expected changes after returning to campus from the Christmas break.  Benilde Hall, the three-story Religion, Spanish, and Library building that has faithfully served St. Paul’s since it was completed in 1967, is undergoing changes.  Due to dilapidated conditions of both the interior and exterior, the administration has decided […]

CRY WOLF: Watkins Seen Frantically Blow Drying Roads Around SPS in Attempt to Keep School Open [satire]

Cry Wolf Satirical News (COVINGTON, La.)  St. Paul’s School Principal Trevor Watkins has reportedly been spotted frantically blow drying the roads around SPS. Utilizing a long series of extension cords, Watkins was seen today (Jan. 17) attempting to melt all of the ice from the roads in an apparent attempt to ensure St. Paul’s School […]

CRY WOLF: Food Bank Forecloses on Gingerbread House [satire]

Cry Wolf Satirical News. (COVINGTON, La.) The Northshore Food Bank has reportedly foreclosed on a gingerbread house, according to sources. The food bank moved to foreclose on the 32-square-inch home yesterday (Dec. 20) after the gingerbread homeowners, Bob and Susan Gumdrop, failed to make four consecutive mortgage payments. “We’ve given the homeowners plenty of time […]

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