Lasallian Youth Leaders Host Five Core Rally

LYL President Bobby Bayer and Vice President Brian Schmitt led the prayer service for the eighth grade Five Core Rally.

To kick off their St. Paul’s experience, the eighth graders recently experienced the Lasallian Five Core Principles in a new way by participating in the Five Core Rally hosted by Lasallian Youth Leaders on St. Paul’s campus.

“It was a great way to meet the eighth graders and teach them about the five core principles at the same time,” said LYL member Connor Mahony.

The end of school day activities started with a 30-minute prayer service followed by many entertaining activities and games, which took place in the gymnasium during G period. The goal of the rally was to welcome the eighth graders to St. Paul’s School and to help them feel more comfortable being in their new environment.

“All of the kids were split up into groups of ten with two leaders who will stay together the rest of the year,” said Mahony. “It will help them stay closer as a group and have a consistent upperclassman influence throughout the year.” Each group adopted its own animal mascot.

The Five Core Principles learned at the rally include inclusive community, concern for the poor and social justice, quality education, faith in the presence of God, and respect for all persons.

As part of the Five Core Rally, the students enjoyed numerous amounts of activities and team building exercises.

“My favorite event was the dizzy bat race and the relay race,” said eighth grader Kiefer Napolitano.

“I met a lot of the new kids, but there are still many I feel like I have never seen before,” added Napolitano.

After the end-of-day activities, the eighth graders were treated to snacks and beverages by the generosity of the mothers club.

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