Five Core Rally to Take Hiatus

(COVINGTON, La.) — The Five Core Rally, which typically occurs at St. Paul’s within the first weeks of school for Pre-Freshmen, will not take place this year out of concern for the Pre-Freshmen’s adjustment to SPS.

The Lasallian Five Core Principles illustrate the ways in which Lasallian schools should operate. (Image by

“It was just too much,” Pre-Freshmen and Freshman Counselor Gina Hall said. “The Pre-Freshmen are just adjusting, and it would be too much for them.”

Many of the faculty members agree that the rally would be too much for the Pre-Freshmen, especially since they are still learning about the school and how it functions. Many of the Pre-Freshmen students are still adjusting to St. Paul’s four-class schedule and to the idea of an entirely different campus. However, many of the older students at SPS agree that this rally was very important to their class and that it would be important for the Pre-Freshman class.

“I liked the Five Core Rally,” freshman Michael Oubre said. “It had fun games, but we also learned the Five Core Principles.”

The importance of Five Core Principle awareness is upheld by many, and will continue to be stressed to students during their first year. The Pre-Freshmen will recite the Five Core Principles often in their classes to be sure that they continue to learn and understand them.

“They need to learn the core principles, being the young Wolves that they are,” Oubre said.

Senior Austin Scheyd enjoyed the Five Core Rally when he was a pre-freshman. (Photo taken by Ethan Hopel)

The Five Core Rally’s main focus was to help create class unity among the Pre-Freshmen and help them grow as brothers at SPS. The rally included games and activities that keep them engaged and to also helped them learn new things about one another in their small groups that were arranged before the beginning of the school year.

“I’m sad it’s gone,” senior Austin Scheyd said, “because it really increased class unity.”

Even though the Five Core Rally will not take place, additional student bonding opportunities are planned for Field Day and Founder’s Week by the on campus organization, Lasallian Youth Leaders.



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