Not Just Cut and Paste: New Additions to Broadcast Program

Guerilla Wolves News airs most Friday mornings during the school year. (Image by GWN)

(COVINGTON, La.) — With the new school year beginning, daily announcements and CNN Student News screenings have become much more organized, and the St. Paul’s School Media Production program is no exception.

In addition to a new Roku DVD and television device for clearer picture and less interruptions, St. Paul’s teacher Brad Guillory has added a Media Production II course to help students gain experience for the Guerrilla Wolves News (GWN) outside of the classroom.

“I had Media I last year for the first time,” Guillory said, “and it was so successful that I had kids in there that were definitely going to go into something involving production.”

Among other changes, Junior Carson Caulfield is pictured at his inaugural broadcast of the movie news segment, taking the place of recent alumnus Parker Layman. (Source: GWN)

Guillory will not teach much of any new information about the process of production.

“I added the class so (the students) could be able to do bigger projects, something each semester, something that has some kind of longevity,” Guillory said, “whether it’s a short film, or a documentary. What I would like to see is for them to do both. I’m simply driving them to create better projects, and to act as an advisor.”

Guillory also said he would like to use the returning students as role models for the inexperienced students in the GWN club.

“They’re kinda like interns in a way, or teacher’s aids,” Guillory said, “because they’re helping out by teaching the younger guys some good stuff.”

Students interested the Guerrilla Wolves need not be a member of the class or have prior experience in filming, acting, or editing.

Media Production teacher Brad Guillory pictured mid-interview on the Guerilla Wolves News broadcast for Aug. 26, 2016. (Source: GWN)

“Do not think that I’m shying new kids away from joining the club; it is for anyone who is interested,” Guillory said.

Unofficial meetings are held almost every school day at lunch in the new Media Production room, colloquially referred to as the Wolf TV room. Interested students are invited to attend before the first official meeting, which is to be announced.

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Watch the first episode of the year:

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