Three Rings of Terror Come to New Orleans

The Mortuary is considered one of the scariest “haunted” houses that takes place in an actual haunted house.

On 4800 Canal St. lies New Orleans’ haunted Mortuary. The Mortuary has been petrifying customers for six years now, and it’s still running strong. Owned by Jeff Borne, father of St. Paul’s freshman Nick Borne, the Mortuary offers a frightening experience inside a real haunted house.

The Mortuary was built back in 1872 as a home for the Slattery family. During the 20’s all the way till the 60’s, it was run as P.J. McMahon Funeral Home. Rumor has it that The Mortuary is still roamed by the people who lived there throughout its history.

This year’s theme for The Mortuary is “Cirque Du Fear,” a circus inside a haunted house. When arriving at The Mortuary, tickets are purchased towards the back of the house at the ticket booth. Tickets for general admission are $25 and V.I.P. “skip the line,” highly recommended, are $35. Then, the wait begins, while actors dressed up as circus clowns come around and keep the waiting customers entertained. Once inside, a two-minute clip offers background on the history of the house and sets the stage for the upcoming experience. When the clip ends, the terror begins.

Clowns take over The Mortuary this Halloween season.

As the journey begins, customers experience people popping out of picture frames, clowns giving chase with chainsaws, and a variety of life-like animatronics. The decorations inside the house are state-of-the-art. There is one scene where customers walk through a cave, and they get the experience that there walking through an actual cave.

“It was an extremely thrilling experience and was worth every penny. I hope to make the trek back to go a second time. It was just that good,” said senior Tyler Schott.

The Mortuary is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in October. Starting Oct. 29, The Mortuary is open every day leading up to Halloween. The venue will also host a “Flashlight Fear Fest Weekend” on Nov. 2 and 3. Tickets are only $20, and participants will experience The Mortuary with only a flashlight. If you dare, visit The Mortuary this Halloween season for a frighteningly good time.

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