St. Paul’s Homecoming Comes to a Close

The events surrounding Homecoming finally come to a close on Saturday, Oct. 27, with the Underclass Homecoming Dance. Emotions of school spirit and academic rest surged throughout St. Paul’s School during Homecoming festivities, most notably during Spirit Week when the students were allowed to dress down and wear accessories.

“Homecoming week was pretty fun,” said junior Matthew Spedale. “It was also cool to dress down during the week.”

Kenny Ross’s “Dino Sombrero” was touted as “Best Hat” on Crazy Hat Day during Spirit Week.

The Homecoming events started on Monday, Oct. 8, with Crazy Hat Day. On this day, students were able to use their imagination by coming up with crazy hat ideas. Hats ranged from professional team hats to a sombrero with a dinosaur taped to it.

Twin day allowed students to pair up and dress alike on Tuesday, Oct. 9. Some of the more creative twins for the event included a pair wearing tuxedos, two warriors donning Viking clothing, and a duo of students emulating the dress code of SSA.

St. Paul’s School honored the month of October’s traditional dedication to breast cancer awareness with Pink Day on Wednesday, Oct. 10. Pink day allowed students to wear anything pink, from breast cancer awareness wrist bands all the way to having a complete pink dress-down.

College Day allowed students to wear t-shirts and accessories featuring their favorite college on Thursday, Oct. 11. Students wore apparel ranging from local universities like LSU and Tulane, to out-of-state schools like Alabama and Kentucky.

Students wore school colors on Friday, Oct. 12, for Blue and Gold Day. Students were allowed to wear anything blue and gold in order to raise school spirit for the Friday football game against Slidell High.

1988 Graduate and Co-Alumni Director Robert Simpson presents a bouquet of yellow roses to Homecoming Queen Isabella Healy.

Isabella Healy, nominated by senior Christian Voelkel and escorted by senior Alexander Smith and 1988 alumnus Garrett Schwing, was crowned Homecoming Queen during the St. Paul’s Marching Wolves Halftime Show. Following the presentation, the Marching Wolves played “Money” and “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd and the band’s traditional Homecoming performances, “You and I” and “Basin Street Blues.” The St. Paul’s Football Wolves rounded out the event by scoring 35 unanswered points against the Slidell Tigers to win the Homecoming game.

Members of the Class of 1988 gathered at the post-game celebration to celebrate their 25th.

An alumni gathering took place after the game in the cafeteria, where the Class of 1988 celebrated their 25th anniversary. “Even though the turnout was comparable to other years, we saw a lot of new faces at the gathering,” said Co-Alumni Director Robert Simpson, who is a graduate of 1988. “I had lots of fun at the gathering. We got to talk about old stories and how other classmates turned out over the years. It was swell, one might even say ‘radical.'”

Simpson helped coordinate the alumni events for the game. “I have to give credit to Mike Richards and Shelly Campo for doing a great job with setting up the events,” said Simpson. “Being a part of these events was a great thrill, and I really enjoyed it,” said Simpson.

The Upperclass Homecoming Dance took place Saturday, Oct. 13, at Vintage Court in Covington, La. “Brother Ray chose Vintage Court during the summer due to it being the first one available,” said Student Council President Connor Mahony, explaining venue selection necessitated by the Student Center renovations.

The Student Council, along with their moderator Amy Schultz-Marshall, planned the events for Spirit Week and the Homecoming Dance. “In order to have Homecoming at Vintage Court, we had to do a couple of fundraisers,” said Mahony. “We raised money for Homecoming by selling spirit shirts and by winning a RaceTrac Gas Station competition.”

“There is always room for improvement, but I believe Homecoming was a success, even with the circumstances that were presented this year,” said Mahony.

The Underclass Homecoming Dance will take place on Saturday, Oct. 27, and will conclude the Homecoming events.

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