NBA Tips Off New Season

The Miami Heat are ready to defend their title.
(Photo taken at the Miami Heat Media Day)

The NBA tipped off last week with team media days and preseason games. The off-season for the NBA this year was a wild and crazy one. With superstars traded and top free agents getting signed, the NBA has never seen an off-season like this since the Lebron James leaving Cleveland off-season.

The NBA witnessed some major trades over the off-season. Probably the biggest trade was the trade that sent all-star center Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers. The trade was between four teams: the Los Angeles Lakers, the Orlando Magic, the Denver Nuggets, and the Philadelphia 76ers. In the trade, the Lakers got center Dwight Howard; the Orlando Magic got shooting guard Aaron Affalo, power forward Al Harrington, center Nikola Vucevic, shooting forward Moe Harkless, and first round picks from the Lakers, Nuggets, and 76ers; the 76ers got all-star center Andrew Bynum and shooting guard Jason Richardson; and the Nuggets got all-star guard/forward Andre Iguodala. The Dwight Howard trade was considered one of the biggest trades in NBA history.

Some fans believe that this trade is going to hurt the future of the NBA

“I believe super teams like the Lakers and the Heat damage the competition level in the NBA,” said Sean Conaghan, St. Paul’s senior basketball player.

The Lakers are ready to rebound after last years disappointing playoff run.
(Photo taken at the Lakers Media Day)

The NBA also saw some major free agent acquisitions, the most notable of which involved all-star guard Steve Nash going to the Lakers to play with Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard.

“Joining the Lakers was an incredible opportunity,” said Nash, Lakers Point Guard, in an ESPN interview.

The other big acquisition this off-season was the Miami Heat signing all-star shooting guard Ray Allen from the Boston Celtics. The Heat, the 2012 NBA champions, now have four all-stars in their line-up. Allen is the reigning three-point champion, passing the great Reggie Miller two seasons ago.

“I’m excited to bring another championship to Miami,” said Allen, Heat Shooting Guard, as reported by the Miami Herald.

Because of all the changes to the NBA this year, most are predicting that the Finals will include the Heat and the Lakers, but it’s the NBA, and anything can happen.

For more information, check out John-Michael Lomzenski’s NBA review Extravaganza Lollapalooza.

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