How Will the World End?

end of worldMany believe the end of the world will happen on December 21, perfectly timed for after our exams but before Christmas. The Mayans, way ahead of their time in astronomy, predicted this thousands of years ago and ended their calendar as thus.

The real question is how the world will end. One theory many propose is that one of Earth’s super-volcanoes could erupt, throwing many tons of ash into the atmosphere, which will drop the Earth’s temperature and kill crops. The food chain will break, and species will begin to die.

Another theory is a solar flare from the sun could vaporize all life on Earth in a massive wave of heat and radiation. There is also the chance of a rogue black hole or a moving star coming close to our solar system that it drags the Earth from the sun, resulting in a freezing death. Or, a comet or meteor could hit the Earth and cause the same ash cloud as a super-volcano.

No matter how the world theoretically ends, people are still preparing for it. Doomsday preppers are building shelters underground and stocking them with food and water that can last for months. While there is still no scientific evidence of a doomsday apocalypse, just know that science has been wrong before.


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