St Paul’s Reacts: The New Pope, Francis

With the election of the new pope this month, another historic event has been witnessed by the students of the St. Paul’s School. Some classes, religion classes especially, live-streamed the installation of Jorge Bergoglio as the new leader of the Church.

Pope Francis I (Jorge Bergoglio). Image from

Pope Francis  (Jorge Bergoglio). (Image from

Pope Francis is both the first pope from the Americas and the first Latin pope to date, both significant elements in Church history. Some students and teachers of the school voiced their thoughts and opinions on this historical event.

“It’s wonderful to have him as a pope, especially since a good majority of Catholics are Latin,” said St. Paul’s Spanish Teacher Liz Brett.

She went on to talk about how the new pope’s heritage will benefit his followers. “Concern for the poor will come out more. It’s wonderful to see him interacting with people without body guards around. It shows how humble he is and that he is a pope of the people.”

Regarding the direction of the church under the new leadership, Religion Teacher Robert Simpson noted, “As far as any changes that may come from this, it’s very doubtful. He’s a leader of the Church, not a president. That’s a common misconception people have.”

The school’s principal, Bro. Raymond Bulliard F.S.C., had good things to say about the new pope. “He will be a fresh perspective to the Church as a non-European. He is, in the best sense of the word, simplistic. He was a teacher; I hope our students hear what he has to say, read what he has to say, and listen to his teachings.”

Overall, the student body anticipates that the new Pope’s teachings will be a good way for students of the St. Paul’s school to connect with the Lasallian core principles and gain a better understanding of faith.

“He just started, so there’s not much to say at this point. But, I’m anxious to see his progress in the future,” said sophomore Ross Allbritton.

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