Wolf Painting Ignites Campus

In the middle of St. Paul’s School’s campus rests an old bulletin board that has seen better days. This wooden announcement sign used to be the center of attention, covered with many papers: sports and academic schedules, upcoming social event flyers, and service opportunity signup sheets. But due the more recent use of the campus-wide Wolf TV and the internet for the spread of knowledge and information around school, the Stadler Bulletin Board, which is the name of the wooden structure, has been left unused.

Biology instructor John Carambat and generous donor Kraig Schexnayder pose with the lastest addition of art to the St. Paul's campus.

Artist John Carambat and generous donor Kraig Schexnayder pose with the lastest addition to St. Paul’s campus.

Because the faculty and staff are constantly driven to improve the quality of our Lasallian school, the school’s very own John Carambat, who teaches biology and is the head of the Graphic Design Club at St. Paul’s, decided to create a painting that could cover an entire side of the two-sided bulletin board.

Influenced by the wolf pack drawing on the gym floor of the Gene Bennett Sports Complex, Carambat painted an image of a pack of wolves resting together in the wilderness. Within the painting are wolves of different ages: old, adult, and wolf pups. The old wolves represent the many faculty members and alumni of St. Paul’s; the adult wolves symbolize the upper classmen of the school; and the wolf pups represent the under classmen of the school.

“The painting is simply incredible,” junior Zachary Albright said. “Mr. Carambat’s impressive work makes the student body even more proud of this school.”

Maybe the painting was too good. Although it only had been released for a few days, the student body immediately fell in love with it. But since the bulletin board is outside,  Carambat’s painting would be exposed to the elements. This artwork would not last long even after one rain shower.

Fortunately for Carambat and the painting, Kraig Schexnayder, father of eighth-grader  Koby Schexnayder, came to the rescue. Schexnayder is the owner of DocuCenter, a local printing company. He graciously partnered with Carambat, who was actually Schexnayder’s graphic design teacher at LSU, and made an outdoor, weatherproof copy of his painting. The original copy will be hung in LaSalle Hall.

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