Deadliest Teacher Games: The Rat Race

DTG Chapter Image2

Day 2

The first night of the games proved to be sleepless for most of the tributes, and morning was coming fast. The day started out with Mr. Glorioso being attacked by a swarm of crows that were trying to roost in the tree where he was sleeping. The rest of the tributes, not knowing what to expect, were scared to leave their hiding places.

Because the games were televised on Wolf TV, the Gamemakers knew that this would make for a bad show, so they took matters into their own hands. They decided to start out by sending a swarm of rats to the old art room, which terrified Coach Schroeder so much, he climbed into the rafters of the building. The swarm seemed to grow larger and larger as Schroeder felt that the window of his life was closing. Watching this from her alcove in the theater, Ms. Shultz decided to make a move. From the back of the theater, with one dynamite serve, Ms. Shultz turned a volleyball into a deadly projectile. Her serve of destruction crashed through the window, hit a wall, and ricocheted back up, striking one of the main rafters. This caused the building to collapse, ending any chance of fan-favorite Coach Schroeder’s survival. Ms. Shultz let out a maniacal laugh as she listened to the sounds of Schroeder’s demise as rat food.

Elsewhere in the arena, Coach Rob discovered that he like staying in the water more than he did living on land, so he committed to a life of the sea, well…pond. Ms. D lay on the field, seething with pain from her turf burn. The heat coming from the turf was immense. If she couldn’t get out of it soon, she would eventually succumb to her injuries. Just as she thought that all hope was lost, she spotted something. Coming towards her was a random dog carrying something in its mouth. As the dog approached, it dropped a sliver bottle next to her — a gift from a sponsor. She opened it and found much-needed burn cream. She applied it to her turf burn, and her wounds immediately started to heal. She got chills from the soothing, healing power of the medicine. She got up, got out of the heat, and began to search for something to eat. After that, the rest of the day was pretty quiet. That is, until nightfall.

Near dinner time, Coach Scoriels decided he could no longer suppress his hunger and went to search for food. The only place on campus that had food, other than Coach Dickens’ stash, was the cafeteria. Coach Scoriels knew this, and he was not going to travel over there on foot. He started the bus he was hiding in and drove through the arena straight towards the cafeteria. Ms. D also had the same idea. She had just arrived at the building, walked inside, and immediately took cover and inspected her surroundings.

Everything seemed pretty normal except the delicious smell of Italian food. So blinded by her hunger, she didn’t realize that that smell could only mean one thing — Mr. Glorioso was somewhere in the building. Ms. D began to eat everything in sight – bags of chips, ice cream, and all the uncrustables she could see.

Mr. Glorioso was in the back, preparing an Italian feast for himself, and was disturbed by the sound of someone rummaging around. He immediately grabbed the nearest weapon — a meatball scooper — and went to check it out. He saw Ms. D and decided to go in for the kill. Just as he was about to launch a freshly scooped meatball, he heard a loud crash, and then there was nothing.

To be Continued…


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