A Final Four Diary

final four

Wichita State vs. Louisville Diary

5:03- None of the talking heads on CBS pick the upset pick of Wichita State. Real risky guys……..

5:07-At the last minute, I decide to root for Wichita State. Their mascot is just awesome.

5:11- The Kevin Ware injury was gruesome. I just hope the media will give Kevin some privacy in his road to recovery.

5:15- The Wichita State coach is sitting on a bar stool. That is my type of guy.

5:19- Russ Smith just missed four straight free throw attempts. Choke!!!

5:21- Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie” commercial just makes me feel happy.

5:22- I’d rather have a kitten shirt than a Hane’s white T.

5:28- BREAKING NEWS: Rick Warren’s son dies. News update via my step-cousin, Pritesh.

5:29- Wichita State is racking up fouls and turnovers. My pick is not looking hot right now.

5:37- Ron Baker is the epitome of WHITE BOY FLY!! He is my favorite playa for the Shockers right now. The Shockers look like they have weathered the Cardinal’s run.

5:45- Russ Smith airball! Airball! Airball!

5:56 – The puppets eating Wheat Thins is trippy.

6:05- Halftime arrives. Wichita State-26, Louisville-25

6:33- White Boy Fly (AKA Ron Baker) goes up for the dunk on transition and fails.

6:36-My dad just declares, “This Game is Over.” Wichita State is only up six points with 15 minutes to go.

6:44- Somebody at my watch party makes an uncalled joke about Kevin Ware.

6:46- I’m feeling a court storming from Wichita State fans if they “shock” Louisville.

6:47- My dad tells me you get what you pay for with tattoos. He has no tattoos.

6:49- Wichita State is already in the bonus. It is crucial for them to hit their free throws.

6:52- The walk-on guard from Louisville hits two consecutive threes. This is a huge momentum changer to narrow the gap to six points.

6:56- A debate has broken out among our group on what pizza franchises are the best. We have declared CiCis as the worst.

7:00- This double bonus is going to make it very difficult for Louisville to overcome.

7:09- Oh No!! The “Hangover 3” trailer looks terrible. Why are you doing this to us Hollywood?

7:12- CRAZY SEQUENCE. Louisville hits a 3 to gain its first lead of the 2nd half. Both teams trade turnovers, and Early makes an And 1 layup for the Shockers. WOW!

7:17- There is one player with a Dutch surname on both teams. Van Neet for Wichita State and Van Treese for Louisville. Coincidence?

7:25- Luke Hancock of Louisville hits a monster 3 to give Louisville a five-point lead. It’s gut check time for Wichita State.

7:28- Cleanthony Early is keeping Wichita State in contention.

7:30- Early again scores on a tip-in. Shockers only down two with 32 seconds left.

7:36- Hancock misses a free-throw and Ron Barker gets the rebound. The Shockers were down three and looking for the tie. The refs call a jump ball between Hancock and Barker on the rebound. Possession arrow goes to Louisville. This call is terrible, terrible, and terrible. Hancock barely even touched the ball. It was a foul if anything!

7:38- FINAL: Wichita State-68, Louisville-72

7:38- Great game by both teams. My Shockers played their hearts out tonight. I give kudos to Louisville for playing a scrappy game and closing the game with big shots and free throws. I just hate to see the game conclude on a bogus call.

Michigan-Syracuse Diary

8:24- Quick tangent: Horseradish adds flavor to everything imaginable.

8:25- Mitch McGary welcomes two Syracuse players to his BLOCK PARTY.

8:31- Michigan is effectively rebounding on the offensive glass so far. This could be a crucial key if they win.

8:32- Al Pacino’s speech from “Any Given Sunday” is an all-time classic. Thank you Jeep for including it in your not-so-good commercial.  Look it up.  It is worth five minutes of your time.

8:39- Al Horford (center for Atlanta Hawks) has a younger brother that plays for Michigan? Who knew?

8:45- Mitchsanity!!! McGary looked like a point guard on that fast-break assist.

8:49- CBS pans to Steve Fisher, the former Michigan basketball coach who led them to the Final Four in 1993. Unfortunately, he has nacho cheese dangling from his chin. He fails to recognize the cheese as he is being broadcasted to tens of millions of people. CBS please quit embarrassing people on live television.

8:59- The AT&T commercial with NBA legends Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird, and Bill Russell is hilarious.

9:06- Trey Burke hits a 3 from 30+ feet. If Michigan makes shots like that, they will be in the National Championship Game.

9:08- Halftime: Syracuse-25, Michigan-36

9:36- This game is going so much faster in terms of time compared to the Louisville-Wichita State game. Both teams are committing less fouls and turnovers.

9:39- McGary passes another stellar assist to a teammate for the dunk. McGary is shredding Syracuse’s zone. Score: Syracuse-32, Michigan-43.

9:48- Syracuse is making a run with gritty determination on offense and defense. The Orange have trimmed the league to six.

9:53- CJ Fair has a very refined offensive game. He can drive to the rim and has a very consistent mid-range jumper. Syracuse now only down four points.

9:58- Hardaway kills Syracuse’s run with a contested three. Michigan’s lead is widened to seven.

10:04- Trey Burke, the NATIONAL POY, needs to assert himself in the game. He only has three points.

10:09- McGary’s mid-range jumper finally gives Michigan’s offense some momentum. Michigan’s lead is back up to eight with only four minutes to go.

10:13- “I can’t wait to watch the Academy of Country Music Awards,” said no one ever.

10:18- Neither team is playing well, currently. Michigan is up by six with two minutes to go.

10:19- James Southerland of Syracuse goes to the lane and finishes with the one-handed slam. Momentum is on Syracuse’s side. Cuse is only down by four.

10:24- Syracuse is already playing the free throw game with over a minute left. That is not a good sign.

10:29- Southerland hits a 3 to get the lead within ONE point! In the inbound, Tim Hardaway of Michigan magically saves the ball somehow. The Wolverines are now on the free throw line to put the game away.

10:32- Michigan draws a humungous charge with only 20 seconds in regulation. Michigan is up by two points and is with possession.

10:36- Final: Syracuse-56, Michigan-61

10:36- Michigan manages to survive. They missed several key free throws towards the end of regulation. However, the Orange never found enough explosiveness on offense to take the lead. Michigan must play better to have a chance against the odds-on favorite, Louisville.

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