SPS Scholars Shine at SLU Literary Rally

la_seluOn March 23, students from different schools across southern Louisiana congregated to Southeastern Louisiana University for the district Literary Rally. The Rally, which is held annually on SLU’s campus, involves testing students on their given subject and ranking students in each division.

Divisions were separated by the number of students at each school, with SPS representing in Division II, which was for schools with 500-999 students. Of the 28 students competing for SPS, 19 will be moving on to the state competition on LSU’s campus on April 20.

Junior Mitch St. Pierre, who placed first in Advanced Math I, said “The test was surprisingly easier than I thought, especially because I forgot my calculator. I can only hope I have the same luck in the state rally.”

Individual results are as follows:

George Cazanavette (2nd in Adv Math I) , Mitch St. Pierre* (1st in Adv Math I), August Dixon* (2nd in Pre-Calculus), Alex Oliveri* (5th in Algebra I), Aaron Nguyen* (1st in Algebra II), Max Gold (4th in Algebra II), Matthew Baldone* (1st in Biology), Bobby Bayer* (1st in Calculus), Grant Landwehr (3rd in Calculus), Bryan Livaudais* (4th in Chemistry), John Michael Lomzinski* (1st in Civics), Jacob Broussard* (1st in English I), Patrick Connolly (3rd in English I), Jack Dubriel* (1st in English II), Eric Guin (5th in English II), Michael Stewart* (2nd in English II), Christian Doughtery* (3rd in Env Sci), Luke Avenel (2nd in Geometry), Ryan Meraux* (1st in Geometry), Matthew Spedale* (1st in Journalism), Greg Roy* (1st in Physical Science), Leland van Deventer (2nd in Phys Science), Burak Kandil* (2nd in Spanish II), Grant Holmes* (2nd in Spanish III), Shane Kennedy* (4th in American History), Trey Hughes* (4th in World Geography) Sam Giberga* (2nd in World History), and Quinn Perret (1st in Art).

*These students will advance to the state level of the competition.




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