Death of Baseball in an American
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Baseball season has started. My apathy for “America’s pastime” couldn’t be lower. I played baseball growing up. I loved it. Now, I instantly fall into a coma at the sight of a glove, bat, or a game on TV. What happened? I must investigate my brain.

  • I had no professional teams to cheer for in my youth. The closest MLB team is probably the Astros or the Braves. The closest professional team to our area was the Zephyrs. That probably explains it.
  • Baseball is boring. Honestly, try and watch a game from the opening pitch to the final out. I dare you without flipping channels, and I will award you with $1,000,000 (I can say this because the challenge is impossible). The switches between innings are slow. Pitchers take FOREVER to pitch the ball. Batters take FOREVER to warm up before entering the batter’s box. Baseball is so slow it is maddening. In today’s world of instant access, baseball is like dial-up from the 90s.
  • I don’t play it anymore. Most kids after little league quit playing baseball. The better players continue playing in their high school careers. This can be said about most kids in all sports after little league. However, baseball is different from the more popular sports of football and basketball in one regard: most people still play football and basketball recreationally after little league. People play pick-up games, throw football together, or just shoot on their house goal infinitely more often than throwing their baseballs together or going to the field with a bat. Basketball and football are just easier to play recreationally.

Baseball is still the bona fide third sport in America’s professional sport’s market. I will always respect baseball as a game and have a menial knowledge on the game. However, I can honestly say soccer is on the upswing. European football is soooooooo much more entertaining than baseball can ever be. MLS and United States Men and Women’s national teams are continuing to grow in popularity. Instead of giving my son my old baseball bat and cap, I’ll just buy him shin guards and soccer cleats.

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  1. I agree with you about the death of baseball. Watching a game on tv Is like taking a dose of sominex. Viva soccer.



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