A Pizza My Mind


Was the title too cheesy? I’m sure if you asked every student at St. Paul’s what their thoughts on pizza are, the majority of them will tell you that it is a magical food that can be eaten for all three meals of the day, no matter hot or cold, can be mystically delivered to your front door, and nine times out of ten is better than anything your mom can cook. Being such a convenient and delicious delicacy of a high school student’s diet, there are bound to be millions of places to get it, even in a relatively small area such as the north shore. So, where is the best place to get a pizza? Should you get it delivered or go out? My years of experience in the field of pizza consumption are here to guide you.

Pizza Hut

With over 6,000 stores, Pizza Hut is the largest pizza delivery chain in the United States. With all that success, they have to be doing something right, right? Sort of. I’ll start with ordering it. With the internet becoming more and more woven into every fabric of our lives, more people tend to order pizza online now. I’ve used their online ordering feature a couple of times, and it is very user friendly, and even has an Iphone App version. The wait time is just okay. Sometimes it will come in thirty minutes, and other times, it will be an hour and thirty minutes. Once the pizza does get there, depending upon what you order, it is worth it. The only thing I will order from Pizza Hut is the pan pizza. If you are incredibly hungry, it could seem like the best pizza in the world. However, if you aren’t, eat two pieces and you’ll be ready for a nap. The crust is so thick that it can seem like too much at times. Another downside of it is that it is loaded with grease. Sometimes I have to let it sit for a while so the grease can be absorbed by the cardboard box… a little gross. I am not a fan of Pizza Hut’s original or cheese crust pizza. The only other downside of Pizza Hut is that it makes me nostalgic of my childhood, when you could go to an actual dine-in Pizza Hut with a pizza buffet. Those are incredibly hard to find these days. Overall, Pizza Hut’s pan pizza is a great choice, if you are looking to eat a horse.

Dominos Pizza

Dominos is the largest pizza delivery chain in the world, and is usually what I think of when someone says delivery pizza. Dominos is a great buy, if you don’t mind how processed it tastes. It is incredibly cheap and almost always gets there in 30 minutes or less. They also have a cool pizza tracker online that lets you know when your pizza is cooking or on its way. Domino’s cinna-stix and chocolate lava crunch cake are also fabulous. I would consider Dominos THE fast-food pizza. So if you’re looking for a fast, cheap, and okay pizza, choose Dominos.

Papa John’s

Papa John’s has the best pizza out of the big three delivery chains. The original crust pizza is the perfect amount of thickness, and the ingredients taste fresh. It does take a little longer to get to you, but once it does, it is delicious. The little chicken bites that they sell are also great.

*This is no way applies to when you order Papa John’s at a pizza day at school, which it is basically limited to thin crust because they have to make so many. And, it has also been sitting in its box for an hour by the time it gets to you.

Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom is a great place to go out when you actually feel like getting off the couch and putting pants on. They use wheat dough, which is refreshing to see someone do something different. They have pages and pages of pizzas that they have created, or you can just build your own. The large pizza is huge, and the slices are very filling. The atmosphere is pretty cool, as well.

Coscino’s Italian Grill

Coscino’s pizza is not one of my favorites. Every time you go in there, it is incredibly loud from the “musicians,” and you can barely hear yourself think. The pizza is a bit greasy and too thin for my liking. It is also not uncommon to get a charred crust, which is not to my liking either. The only redeeming quality they have is the rest of their food. The sandwiches and pastas are pretty good, but do not come here if you are looking specifically for pizza.

Johnny’s Pizza House

Johnny’s Pizza House is one of my favorite places around. My parents grew up eating it in Shreveport, and they used to talk about it so much that my expectations were incredibly high. It did not disappoint. I remember the first time my parents took me to the place when I was little. It was great. My dad liked it so much that he used to have frozen Johnny’s pizzas shipped to our house. Then, last summer, I heard the most beautiful news in the world. They were opening one here. No longer did we have to have our Johnny’s flash frozen and shipped to us. Now that it is open here, you can find me at Johnny’s Pizza House at least once a month.

Rocketfire Pizza

Rocketfire Pizza is a fairly new place in Covington that seems to be doing well. A lot of people tell me how much they like it, but I am not a fan at all. It is expensive, takes forever, and the pizza is not my favorite style. The crust is dry, and it is usually charred on the bottom. It is made in a brick oven, which many people rave about, but I’m not a fan of that flavor. A lot of my friends love this place, and I have to hide my lack of enthusiasm whenever they drag me along to it. I must say however, that their garlic cheese fries are amazing.

McClain’s Pizzeria

McClain’s Pizzeria is a place that just opened up on the Lakefront in Mandeville. In my opinion, it is the best pizza in the area… if you have two hours to wait. You can frequently find me and my friends here on a Friday night before wreaking havoc on Mandeville. The pizza is great and tastes different than any other place around here. It is not greasy, and it’s always fresh. It is also very cheap. The downside is the service. It seems that when you go there, you have three different waitresses who all try to take your order. It is not surprising when the entrées come out before the appetizers. If they would just fix their service, this would be the perfect pizza place.

The Original Italian Pie

Italian Pie is a winner in my book for two reasons. Not only is their pizza good, but they are also one of the few pizza restaurants around to deliver a full Italian menu. The delivery may take a little longer than most places, but it is worth the wait. They have really good sandwiches and pastas, in particular their chicken parmesan sandwich. They also have a few convenient locations where you can dine in if you don’t want to order it.

[This article is the personal opinion of the author and in no way reflects the opinions of St. Paul’s School or The Paper Wolf.]

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