For Your Consideration: Alternatives to Hacky Sack


David VonBodungen, Kameron Lange, Gary Cavalier, and David Glasgow pelt each other with a hacky sack during lunch.

Having been around St. Paul’s School for nearly three years now, I would consider myself a veteran student.  I’ve seen phases come and go, as well as new accessories kids would acquire. From Beats headphones, to MiO, to new slang terms,  and everything in between, only one thing has stood the test of time as a strong fad amongst the kids: hacky sacks.

Circles break out around campus of people tossing the things at one another, with some actual technique in between. You know you’ve found something when announcements are made concerning hacky sack mishaps. My beef with them is simply that they have been around too long. And so, for your consideration, I’ve put together a few ideas that I believe would be cool trends around St. Paul’s to replace the hacky sack phenomenon.



yo yoThink about it. Who wouldn’t enjoy being able to show off cool tricks to all their friends? Walking the dog, Eiffel tower, around the world, the list goes on and on. Do you feel bad about not having a yo-yo like everyone else? Well, there’s no need for tears, because these suckers are pretty cheap. Each yo yo has it’s own design and color. Some of them even light up between curls. Come on, that seems like a no-brainer. Hacky sacks won’t stand a chance.



tamagotchiIf you know what I’m talking about already, you’ve gained my respect. In case you’re unaware, tamagotchis were basically the first virtual pets one could own and take care of. They were popular in the 90s, and I believe it’s time they rose from the grave to take place as the new student craze. They cost as much as, if not less than, hacky sacks, so the move would not only be fun, but also economical.



pogsNeed I say more? Do you know how many hundreds of these you can collect and show off? These funny little things can be used for games or as accessories to your book bag, locker, car, or anything else you can think of. Why waste energy kicking a hacky sack around when you can express yourself with pogs of all kinds? The hacky sack is nothing compared to these bad boys.



novelIf nothing else above sparks interest, why not just bring a nice book or a novel to read? Expand your vocabulary, your knowledge of literature, and list of writings or favored authors. Books require basic English skills and are perfect for those who aren’t into hacky sacking or collectables. Honestly, this would be a great substitute to hacky sacks and a good habit, regardless.



wristbandsI beg of you, please don’t start a wristband fad…ever. Do you understand how ridiculous it looks to see people with these things on both of their entire arms? I don’t know how wristbands all of the sudden became a thing, but it’d be for the best if we just kept them to a minimum at  St. Paul’s. If you absolutely must wear them, two is enough. You have two wrists, and two is all you need. Thank you.

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