Deadliest Teacher Games: Arrivederci

DTG Chapter Image2

Day 3

Ms. D started to regain consciousness… What had happened? She was covered in dust, and the cafeteria had collapsed around her. She got up and saw that a school bus had crashed through the wall. Inside of it lay a motionless Coach Scoriels. As Ms. D got a closer look, she realized that he had choked on a meatball. She wanted to know where it came from, but was afraid to find out. Little did she know, that was the meatball Mr. Glorioso had launched that was intended for her. Just as he launched it, Coach Scoriels drove right through the building and into the path of the deadly, meaty projectile.

Unfortunately for Mr. Glorioso, however, he was standing right in the epicenter of the collapse — a deadly mistake. Ms. D knew that the noise would attract the others, so she got what food she could from the kitchen and got out of there, leaving the two fallen tributes.

The crash awoke Coach Dickens from his slumber. He had no idea what it was and was beginning to get bored from sitting in the library reading all day, so he went outside to check out the noise. He made his way down the stairs and outside of Benilde Hall. Everything seemed normal outside, until he rounded the corner towards the cafeteria. He saw the damage and started to make his way over there, until he saw something…little fingers coming out of one of the openings to the drainage pipes. He didn’t know who it was, but he knew he had an opportunity to take out an opponent.

He started to slowly walk over to the opening, thinking of how he was going to kill whoever it was. Should he throw the rival out the third story of Benilde or drop one of the random, colossal concrete semi-circles from Founders Circle on him or her? He was standing right next to the opening. He looked over it and saw nothing. Just as he was about to turn around, the lid exploded off the ground and hit Coach Dickens in the face, knocking him off his feet. Ms. Gardner flew out of the hole and made a run for it, but Coach Dickens wasn’t down for long. He got off the ground and let out an ear-shattering scream, then ran after Ms. Gardner. She was confident that she could out-swim Coach Dickens, so she ran towards the pond. Coach Dickens was gaining speed fast. He let out another scream that almost knocked Ms. Gardner off her feet, but she was almost there. She got to the bank of the pond and dove in.

Coach Dickens dove in and swam after her. She was getting ahead, when all of a sudden, she got tangled in something. It almost felt like a net, but it was made out of plants. She couldn’t break free. It felt like the plants were just getting more and more tangled. Coach Dickens saw this and backed off.

Then, out of nowhere, Coach Rob burst out of the water with a rope in his hand. He yelled out his signature, “Don’t mess with the bulldog!” and then pulled the rope. Big stones tied to the net ensnaring Ms. Gardner tumbled into the water and sank to the bottom, dragging the net and Ms. Gardner down with them. Coach Rob let out a maniacal laugh and then disappeared back into the pond.

The four remaining tributes — Coach Rob, Ms. D, Ms. Shultz, and Coach Dickens — listened that night as the chapel bells rang three times, signifying the deaths of three tributes that day. These four have, for the most part, tried to hide and keep to themselves, but the Gamemakers wouldn’t let this happen for long. Things were about to get heated.

4 remain

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