Class of 2013 Senior Wills

I, Chris Abide, bequeath the name “Rev” to Justin Marcello. —LSU/Petroleum Engineering

I, Alex Autin, bequeath the baby to Ethan Gunter.  –Tulane/Finance, Latin-American Studies

I, Peter Baricev, bequeath my strawberry blonde hair to Max Gold. –Rhodes College/Business

I, Bobby Bayer, on behalf of the senior members of the B.O.C, bequeath the B.O.C. and all the responsibilities attached to the brotherhood to Lane Sumrall and Addison Nick.  -Santa Clara/Computer Engineering

I, Christian Berry, bequeath my leadership skills to Zachary Albright and all of my bad jokes to D.C. Lipani.VMI/Electrical & Computer Engineering

I, Robert Boudreaux, bequeath the right to let you know to Not So Handsome Monica and the right to a bad haircut to Zach Buster.  –LSU/Management

I, John Brands, bequeath the internet to Austin George. –LSU/Undecided

I, Connor Bresette, bequeath my facial hair to Devin “Butch” Bresette. —USM/Biochemistry

I, Connor Campo, bequeath my athletic ability to Parker Campo  Wartburg College/ Physical Therapy

I, Brandon Charitat, bequeath my awesome O-Line skills to Parker “Spaguillard” Jaquillard. –LA Tech/Chemical Engineering

I, TJ Chatham, bequeath Caitilin Cortez to Lane Sumerall. –Spring Hill/History

I, Sean Conaghan, bequeath my love for the Chicago Bulls to Sklyer Hebert. –SELA/Undecided

I, Kyle Cuntz, bequeath my Linemen Weight Loss Plan to Nicky Blaise. –ULL/ Hotel Hospitality Management

I, Jonathan Damare, bequeath my obnoxious theatrical behavior to Samuel Giberga, and my love of BBC to Michael Stewart. USM/ Musical Theater

I, Collin D’Angelo, bequeath my height to Marcus Gaines. –USM/Business Management

I, Brandon Darce, bequeath my amazingly good looks to Zack Derbas. –LSU/Biology

I, Alex Davis, bequeath my whiteness to Dylan Davis. –USM/Undecided

I, Christian Day, bequeath my sideburns to Trey Klecheck and my willingness to play football to Josh Scheerer. –UNO/Cinematography

I, Christian Dougherty, bequeath a silken road throughout high school, filled with laughter and grassy pastures, to Trey Couvillion, and Mallory to Joshua Nunez.  —LSU/Psychology

I, Sam Drummond, bequeath my political strategies to Willis Spurlock.  –LSU/Political Science and Economics

I, Daniel Dubuc, bequeath my incredible lax skills to the untalented Brent Stokes.  –LSU

I, Travis Dugas, bequeath the Band Bus Song to Lane Sumerall and defensive hockey fortitude to Shane Jones.  –LSU/Chemical Engineering

I, Thomas Duet, bequeath my dashing good looks, style, charm, and charisma to my many adoring fans, my luxurious reign as President of the Senior Class to whomever that may be, my refusal to back down over defending the old school throwback Marching Wolves to Dustin Simoneaux, and my outstanding reign as Stage Manager to Christopher Damare’, my running skills to Patrick Napier, and my welcoming and nicknaming duties of the new students to Jacob SmithUSM/History and Political Science

I, Andrew Dysart, bequeath my (Dys) nickname to Matthew Dysart. –LSU/Marketing

I, Justin Elzy, bequeath the title of being the best looking black guy on campus to Dominic Davenport and the right to be known as Elzy to Francois Elzy. –LSU/International Studies

I, David Englehardt, bequeath my leftover lunch money to my little brother, Stephen Englehardt. –LSU/Chemical Engineering

I, Will Fink, bequeath Jay Wash’s flat top to Robert Jones and my Eco-Car prowess to Cain Plaisance. –USM/Marketing

I, Ryan Fonseca, bequeath my sneakiness to David Heap.  –-Southeastern/Sports Management

I, Reid Frances, bequeath the Captain stance and the “up in here” to Jacob Smith.  —LSU/Psychology

I, Eric Frantz, bequeath anything but a Mazda to Tristan Smith. –ULL/Health Information Management

I, Alex Frey, bequeath my World of Warcraft ambitions to Addison Nick and Jonathan Burkett. –LSU/Biochemistry

I, Tyler Gettys, bequeath my willingness to work to Zachary Nunez. –LSU/Engineering

I, Johnny Grab, bequeath my sarcasm to Michael Stewart. –USM/Forensic Science

I, Caleb Guilbeau, bequeath the phunk to Zachary Clay and Logan Lendrop. –LSU/Geology

I, Trevor Hartmann, bequeath D.J. Dipol my racing abilities and swollenness. –LSU/Pre-Med

I, Paul Hood, bequeath my beat up dress shoes to Jacob Hewson. –LSU/Kinesiology

I, Nathan Hovis, bequeath my tuba swag to Ben Hollingsworth. –LSU/Sociology

I, Christopher Ikner, bequeath my Air Jordans to Reid Perrin. –LSU/Accounting

I, Dominic Iovenitti, bequeath the Italian Mafia to D.C. Lipani. –Millsaps/Undecided

I, T.J. Jenkins, bequeath my YEE YEE to Kevin Katich and my short physique on the lacrosse field to Matt Gallagher.  —LSU/Engineering

I, Cole Landry, bequeath my spot on the bench to Aaron Behlar. –LSU/Construction Management

I, Matt Landry, bequeath my acidity to Brian Harrel and the FJS to Cody Despoint. –LSU/Finance

I, Bubba LeBlanc, bequeath my dumb luck to Austin LeBlanc. —LSU/ Pre-Nursing

I, Matthew Lewis, bequeath my faceoff skills to Max Gold.  —Pfeiffer University/Political science

I, Austin Loper, bequeath my skills for slacking off to Jeremy Boudreaux. –NTCC/Diesel Mechanics

I, Jacob Luke, bequeath the Nose Park lounge to Garrett Shearman, Jimmy Ferris, and Trip Russ. – LSU/undecided

I, Jack Lynch, bequeath my height to Max Morvant. –Washington University in Saint Louis/Architecture

I, Connor Mahony, bequeath Keedy, Guidance Class, and Operation Prometheus to Trey Couvillion and Josh Nunez.  —University of Georgia/International Business and Political Science

I, Zachary Mangrum, bequeath my ability to be both funny and fat to Nicky Blaise and my wrestling skills to Jacob LeBlanc. –USM/Pre-Dentistry

I, Lyle Manion, bequeath an undying sense of cool to Trey Couvillon. –LSU/Political Communications

I, Michael McCarty, bequeath Shaggy’s hidden firework stash to Jonathan Burkett. –USM/Geology

I, Madison McDavitt, bequeath the city of Madisonville to Cain Pleasance and Adam Fink. –LSU/Business

I, Evan McGraw, bequeath Buster Square to Mark Spicer. –LSU/Biochemistry

I, Jimmy Montour, bequeath my voices to Sam Giberga. –Texas A&M at Galveston/Maritime Transportation

I, Kevin Nelson, bequeath my swimming sprinting ability to Griffin Guzan. –LSU/Pre-Med

I, Nick Noggerath, bequeath my writing skills to Garret Johanssen. –LSU/English

I, Antonio Otero, bequeath my amazing immune system to Evan Hood. –LSU/Chemical Engineering

I, Kannon Otillio, bequeath my Zeus-like abilities to Zach Clay and my amazing good looks to Byron Morgan LSU/ Economics

I, Brett Pellissier, bequeath “Mr. Clutch” flipping skills to Michael Burke and Tanner LeBlanc. –LSU/Finance

I, Larry Perrin, bequeath my leg hair and driving abilities to Byron Morgan. –TCU/Pre-Med

I, Nick Platt, bequeath my rolling abilities to Reid Perrin. –Kentucky/Physical Therapy

I, Trent Pouey, bequeath my knowledge of all things random to Luke Avenel. —Tulane University/Pre-Med

I, Mickey Quigley, bequeath my hairy legs to Jacob Quigley. –LSU/Engineering

I, Jack Rayer, bequeath my JV squad Co-leader position to Sam Giberga. –LSU/Civil Engineering and Construction Management

I, Marc Reagan, bequeath my state record to Adam Fink. –LSU/undecided

I, Zachary Richard, bequeath my speed to Christian Caragliano. –LSU/Biochemistry

I, Cameron Robichaux, bequeath my pole-vaulting skills and track team captainess to Spencer Albright. –LSU/Finance

I, Matthew Ross, bequeath my ability to graduate high school to Peter Olson. –LSU/Finance and Economics

I, Brett Scheuermann, bequeath my Jewish heritage to Max Gold. –LSU/Kinesiology

I, Trevor Schott, bequeath my tennis skills to Jay Simoneaux. –LSU/Accounting

I, Tyler Schott, bequeath my vertical to Wyatt Popovich. –LSU/Accounting

I, Brian Schmitt, bequeath the title of “Most Handsome Ginger at SPS” to Michael Burke and my constant badgering of Coach Scoriels to watch Andersonville to Tyler Murphy. –Spring Hill/International Studies and Spanish

I, Harris Schwing bequeath my YEE YEE to Kevin Katich. – ULL/undecided

I, Giovanni Sequeira, bequeath my determination and passion to Etienne Sequeira. –LSU/Mechanical Engineering

I, Devin Smith, bequeath my afro to William “Brohan” Gement. –LSU/ Engineering-undecided

I, Jordan Smith, bequeath the title, “The Epitome, Sr.”, to Austin Davis. – Prairie View A&M/Health and Nutrition

I, Zander Smith, bequeath my RSWG to junior Luke Posner and “Mr. Clutch” flipping skills to Michael Burke and Tanner LeBlanc. –LSU/Criminal Justice

I, Mason Spong, bequeath my belly to Trey Couvillion. –Our Lady of Holy Cross/Counseling and Behavioral Sciences

I, David Thompson, bequeath my dead lift to Daniel Conlin. –LSU Honors College/Biochemistry

I, Michael Vetter, bequeath my raris, rovers, and corn to Lane Sumrall. —LSU/ Petroleum Engineering

I, Patrick Voelker, bequeath “The Goat” to Jordan Jacob. –LSU/Psychology

I, Brandon Walther, bequeath my Barwick impression to Peter Yager. –LSU/Marketing

I, Tyler Walther, bequeath my lack of a neck to Daniel Bonano. –ULL/Undecided



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