New Talent Surprises Crowds at Wolf Jam

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St. Paul’s School held its 30th annual Wolf Jam in the Briggs Assembly Center on Friday, May 10.  Eight bands (including: Remedy, President of the Park, The Fiasco, A Rose for Emily, A Working Progress, Who vs. Whom, Realogy, and the St. Paul’s Jazz Wolves) played back-to-back from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. The event had a great turnout,  as the crowd in attendance was the biggest it had been in a long time.

People who showed up were given a night of rock songs, the likes of which included both original music and covers of Imagine Dragons, Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, and more. Everyone was able to get up close when the bands were performing, so the feeling in the BAC was very much alive and well.

Rain didn’t put a damper on everybody’s good time. In fact, most people who came said they enjoyed themselves.

“I thought it was a blast. The Jazz Wolves did very well, as always. I had a fun time playing on stage myself,”  said Jazz Wolves sophomore Grant Holmes, who also took the stage with Wolf Jam newcomer, Realogy.

“There was a lot of good potential, and I was surprised at how many talented musicians go to this school, “ said junior Matthew Spedale.

The St. Paul’s Wolf Jam has become a very highly anticipated event since it began 30 years ago as a fundraiser for school dances. The show allows talented young people the chance to express themselves.

It has also become a great escape for students, parents, and teachers alike to enjoy a small music-filled show at a reasonable price and to set a good mood to wrap up the final days of school and start summer. Having given SPS mega-bands like The Stone Rabbits and Limit Break a chance on stage, Wolf Jam has much to offer each year, and this year’s show being a great example.

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