Student Council Creates New Senior Lounge

Inside of completed senior lounge .

Inside of senior lounge .

Student Council President David Conroy and Vice President Willis Spurlock have finished working on the senior lounge after a summer of cleaning, painting, and heavy lifting, and it is now ready for the class of 2014.

“It’s gone really well,” said Conroy. “We asked around the senior class for donations and got a lot of what we needed. All that was left at that point was the actual work of getting everything together.”

The lounge, located in section of the cafeteria that was formerly occupied by a classroom, is fully furnished with a 42″ flat screen, donated by senior William O’Rourke, three couches from various seniors, a microwave, and even a ping pong table.

The initial goal of the student council, turning an old room into a proper lounge, has been met. However, “our goal is to continue to improve the senior lounge,” said Conroy. “For the class of 2014 more than anything else, but also with future classes to come in mind, as well.”

Senior Alex Gandolfi relaxing on couch in senior lounge during free period.

Senior Alex Gandolfi relaxing on couch in senior lounge during free period.

The entire lounge was painted by Spurlock, who spent many hours cleaning out the lounge, painting it, and moving furniture. Of course, the vice president refused to take all of the praise, crediting the school’s assistant principal, Trevor Watkins, with the original idea.

“Mr. Watkins came up with the idea of a senior lounge,” added Spurlock. “He wanted to keep the seniors on free period out of the Wolf Dome and make sure they wouldn’t disturb any classes.”

The council still isn’t quite done working on the lounge, with a few missing items on the list of needed things that will soon be checked off. “We need a refrigerator for drinks–regular or a mini–it doesn’t really matter. It’s one of the last things we need for it to be complete,” said Spurlock.



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