BioMed Program Introduces Students to World of Medicine

The Biomedical Science program is a relatively new elective track at St Paul’s School for students who want to become a doctor or are interested in entering the biomedical science field as an adult.

According to Assistant Principle Trevor Watkins, the Biomedical Science program is geared to give students a taste of the work they would do if they wanted to go into the field of human medicine. The program offers a selection of courses for students to explore different kinds of medical fields and assists students in developing organizational skills and other important criteria to work in biomedical science.

“These programs allow the students an opportunity to see if they are interested in joining the Biomedical Programs in college,” noted Watkins.

SPS offers different courses to take in Biomedical Science. The first course, Principles of the Biomedical Sciences (PBS), is taught by Biology Teacher John Carambat. PBS teaches the students to investigate different health issues and also introduces students to knowledge about medicine.

Biomedical Science students practice exercises on a practice dummy.

The second course is entitled Human Body Systems (HBS), which is taught by Physical Science Teacher Amy Shultz-Marshall. HBS teaches the students skills to be able to examine the interactions and functions of the human body.

“This course engages the students in learning about the human body systems,” explained Shultz-Marshall.

The final course in the Biomedical Science program is Medical Interventions (MI), which is taught by Science Teacher and Athletic Trainer Chris Stipe. MI includes lessons about the treatment of diseases as the students follow the life of a fictitious family.

The Biomedical Science program is a growing elective track at St. Paul’s that currently includes about 70 students. Sponsored by Touro Infirmary Hospital of New Orleans, the program is part of Project Lead the Way, which is boasted as the leading provider of rigorous and innovative STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education curricular programs in schools.

For more information on the Biomedical Science program, visit the Biomedical Sciences page on the Project Lead the Way website at


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