Deadliest Teacher: Enter the Matrix

deadliest teacher - dickens

It was a dark day for the St. Paul’s faculty. School started in a matter of days, and Bro. Ray had summoned seventeen of the school’s finest warriors to the administration palace. The warriors came from far and wide; from the four corners of the Main School Building, the top and bottom of Benilde Hall, and even some from the depths of La Salle Hall. Though they all assembled from different regions of the campus, they had all come for the same reason: lunch duty.

Bro. Ray announced, “Mr. Ancar, Mr. Dart, Mrs. Lagraise, Mrs. Jordan, Mr. Guillory, Coach Dickens, Coach Pierre, Mr. Carambat, Coach Rob, Coach Simpson, Coach Moser, Mr. Midkiff, Mrs. Wiggins, Mrs. Case, Ms. George, Mr. Marchese, and Mr. Baumgartner: seventeen of you stand before me, but there are only sixteen lunch duty positions. The seventeen of you will compete against one another to determine who will patrol which areas of campus. The competition will name the last of you the ‘Deadliest Teacher,’ and he or she will not have to serve lunch duty for the rest of his or her career at St. Paul’s.”

The teachers looked at each other, then back at Bro. Ray.

“The competition begins now.”

The teachers each awake back in their respective classrooms to find their weapon of choice waiting for them. While the teachers come to, they notice Coach Sears’ face appear on the screens of their classroom televisions.

“Teachers, please excuse the interruption, but please note that you are all inside the St. Paul’s Matrix system that was created over the summer when we upgraded the campus bandwidth. Please remember to turn off all electronics in your classroom before you are eliminated. And, I have a note in the office for Dante Farante, Cole Dawdle, Mitch Brumfield, Handsome Monica, and Shawn Butler.”

What was each teacher’s weapon of choice? Who will be the first teacher to be eliminated? Who will be declared the Deadliest Teacher? Find out next week on Deadliest Teacher: The Matrix!

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