Serve Ten Program Sees Changes This Year

Lasallian star 2013Over the summer, St. Paul’s School administration made the decision to change the Serve Ten Program to attempt to get students more involved in meaningful service to the community.

“They decided to give the eighth grade and freshmen students a service day just like the sophomores,” noted Barrett Baumgartner, head of campus ministry.

Service hours are a large part of being a St. Paul’s student. Religion teachers stress how crucial completion of service hours is. It is because of this that St. Paul’s is giving the students more opportunities to work on and off campus, said Baumgartner.

Some of the new changes made to the Serve Ten Program include that students will need to get five hours of service on-campus and the other five hours off-campus at an approved charity in addition to the new service day for the eighth grade and freshmen students.

“I’m excited to see this new service day for the freshmen and really excited to work for the community,” stated freshman Chris Woodman.

“It will send a new wave of students getting more and more service hours, and they will hopefully enjoy it,” said Baumgartner.

Baumgartner noted that there are many opportunities for students to work service hours both on and off-campus. However, there is a new restriction that requires qualifying off-campus service hours to be performed only at approved non-profit organizations. In order for service hours performed for any other organization to count towards the requirement, approval must be obtained from Campus Ministry prior to performing the service. Although not shown on the approved organization list, community service performed for a student’s church does qualify towards the requirement, Baumgartner said.

For on-campus opportunities, students need only ask faculty members if there is any help needed.

One final change in the school’s Serve Ten Program involves seniors who meet the requirements for including a free period in their class schedules. According to Assistant Principal Trevor Watkins, students who wish to take a free period are now required to serve an additional five hours on campus per semester during their free period block. So, for seniors taking one semester of free period, the Serve Ten program effectively becomes “Serve 15.” If taking free period for the entire year, it effectively becomes “Serve 20.”

Many teachers have been taking advantage of this new free period requirement by having seniors assist them with various projects or provide in-class tutoring.

Students with questions about the Serve Ten Program are encouraged to contact Baumgartner in the Student Ministry Office located on the first floor of Benilde Hall.

Link: 2013 Serve 10 Form

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