Jazz ‘N Roll Anticipates a “Rebirth”

Jazz n Roll 2013 painting.
Painting used for 2013 Jazz ‘n Roll “Rebirth” poster, created by Dominick Alongi.

Special Events Coordinator Shellie Campo expects great things for this year’s new and improved Jazz ‘N Roll “Rebirth” to be held at St. Paul’s School on Saturday, Oct. 5th, from 7-11pm. The 24th annual event anticipates a number of changes over previous years.

“Jazz ‘N Roll has been renamed to add new life to the event,” noted Campo. “We will have different restaurants and drinks. We have also added a Wolf Wheel, which is a great way to get a gift card.”

Historically, Jazz ‘N Roll has been held on the third Sunday of October, but this year will be held the Saturday after the homecoming game, which will offer a greater attendance opportunity for alumni who plan to travel to town for homecoming activities.

“The New Orleans Archdioceses will not allow the school to do any more fundraising or events on a Sunday,” explained Campo regarding the swap to Saturday.

The date of Jazz ‘N Roll was determined by LSU, Saints, and St. Paul’s football schedules. SSA’s Mock Homecoming dance will be held the same night as this year’s Jazz ‘N Roll, which will affect a number of the school’s Student Host members who typically work the event and would otherwise attend the dance. But, Campo notes that the following weekend was unavailable due to the school’s semi-formal homecoming dance.

A big change for this year is the location of Jazz ‘N Roll “Rebirth.”

“We have a new building that can accommodate the amount of people, and it allowed a significant reduction in expenses,” said Campo regarding the plan to house the entire event in the school’s renovated Briggs Assembly Center, as opposed to the campus-wide event held in previous years.

Restaurant catering is always a main feature of Jazz ‘N Roll, and this year there will be many new faces making an appearance, along with some JNR favorites. This year’s list includes Dakota, Acme Oyster House, Benedict’s, Dr. Gumbo, The Lakehouse, Lola, Abita Quail Farm, DiCristina’s, Schwings, Tony Boscos at Terrabella, PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans, Annadele’s Plantation, Gallagher’s Grill, Nonna Randazzo, Pardo’s, Drago’s, and Zea’s Rotisserie.

Sponsorship is one of the main reasons Jazz n’ Roll has been successful over the past years. This year, over 80 sponsors have donated money to fund Jazz ‘N Roll, and also new this year, the supporters have the opportunity to have football and baseball banners created with an upper-level sponsorship.

“Sponsorship support has been outstanding and is the highest in recent years,” notes Development Director Al Nastasi. “Pre-event ticket sales are going well. We have a solid group of auction items and restaurants. We are getting a great deal of positive feedback about the move to a Saturday evening, and we we are excited about utilizing the largest building on campus, the Briggs Assembly Center. Further, we look forward to a great time of fellowship and support of Saint Paul’s School.”

The annual event generates resources critical to preserve, promote, and enhance education and extracurricular programs and facilities. For more information on the event or to purchase tickets, visit the Jazz ‘n Roll web page.


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