Student Hosts Ready to Serve

Student Host Leaders of 2013-2014. (L-R) Brennan Skinner, Thomas Huval, Josh Farr, Michael Stewart, Thomas Ruli, Jordan Jacob, Michael Burke, Grant Connolly.

Student Host Leaders of 2013-2014.
(L-R) Brennan Skinner, Thomas Huval, Josh Farr, Michael Stewart, Thomas Ruli,
Jordan Jacob, Michael Burke, Grant Connolly.

This year’s new Student Host Leaders are looking forward to carrying on the legacy of leading one of the school’s largest student organizations. Karen Hebert, organizer of Student Hosts, believes this will be one of the most productive years since it’s inception at St. Paul School in the early 1990s.

“Mrs. Judy Lacour, the Public Relation Director, started the organization because she felt the students should serve as ambassadors of the school,” stated Hebert.

Hebert describes the typical Student Host as someone who can be trusted with a job and complete it, or someone who is known to be a good student.

“You’re a representative of St. Paul’s, an ambassador to the community, and the best advertisement for St. Paul School,” noted Hebert. “Student Host is the public face of the student body.”

Many students realize how important the organization is for the school and apply to be a part of it.

“I enjoy Student Hosts a lot because I know what I’m doing is helping the school I love,” stated Student Host Connor Lyons.

Hebert also described Student Hosts as “a fun, new way to meet plenty of people, looks good on a college application, and a service to your school to get service hours.”

The number of workers Student Hosts gets each year is quite an accomplishment for the organization.

“Normally there are about 100 to 125 students who are Student Hosts a year,” described Hebert.

Student Hosts work the fundraisers during the year that are big moneymakers for the school and also the smaller, more localized events.

“Jazz n’ Roll and Celebrity Waiter Dinner are the two big fundraisers. And, some of the jobs Student Hosts work are Drama Productions, Open Houses, and Sporting banquets,” says Hebert. “Every time a Student Host does anything, it is a service to the school and one service is never more important than another.”

The organization will be starting to form up in the next few weeks and begin to serve the community and help the school with upcoming events.

“Jazz n’ Roll will be the first big activity coming up this school year on October 5th. Unfortunately, it is the same night as SSA’s Mock Dance,” noted Hebert. “This is an issue because many Student Host will be attending the dance, so the worker ratio will be down from the past years.” In November, the Student Host will work the plays and be tour guides for the open houses. They will also work Parent Mini-Schedule giving directions to classes.

Students interested in joining should apply in Hebert’s office in the administrative building or email her at


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