What Would You Print with a 3-D Printer?

3D printer used in the St. Paul's Engineering Program.
3D printer used in the St. Paul’s Engineering Program.

Who would have thought replicators from Star Trek would be a reality? A 3-D printer offers a way to make a three-dimensional object of virtually any shape from a digital model. A working gun, an acoustic guitar, a working camera lens and much more have been made from  3-D printers. This technology is no longer science fiction. In fact, St. Paul’s School has a 3-D printer that is used for the pre-engineering curriculum. And with the cost of a 3-D printer now as low as $1300, it is soon to become a household item.

Students from each grade level were asked:

“If you could print anything from a 3-D printer, what would you print, and why?”


Freshman Jared Saltaformaggio.

Freshman Jared Saltaformaggio would print an AK-47 because it is his favorite gun and he loves guns.


Sophomore Luke Avenel.

Sophomore Luke Avenel would print a solid gold lacrosse stick because it would make him rich and it would be a one of a kind.


Junior Max Gold


Junior Max Gold would print a child because it is the one thing you cannot buy.



Senior Riley Knepper


Senior Riley Knepper would print the Death Star because it is awesome.



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