SPS Junior Makes Difference, One Birdie at Time

Pictured is SPS junior and founder of the charity, Birdies for Charity, Beau Briggs.

Pictured is SPS junior and founder of the charity, Birdies for Charity, Beau Briggs.

Beau Briggs, a junior at St. Paul’s School, has been making a name for himself, not only through his prowess on the state championship winning SPS golf team, but also through his efforts to make a difference in the community. Beau began his own charity, Birdies for Charity, and the charity has put him in the “fore” front of the SPS philanthropic community. 

Briggs’ inspiration for starting the foundation came from fellow teammate and friend,  Brandon Pierce.

“Brandon Pierce raised over $40,000 for charity through a similar process, and I played on the SPS Golf Team with him the past 2 years. He inspired me, and he showed me that you can always make a difference in someone’s life,” Briggs said.

The way Birdies for Charity works is that each time Briggs makes a birdie in a tournament, a pledged amount is donated. Some of the donors also chose to give a lump sum upfront.

“The foundation was created through AJGA’s Leadership Link program—an initiative started by the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) to help promote care for the less fortunate in junior golfers across the country,” Briggs noted.

The three organizations that Briggs raises money for are the Covington Food Bank, The Kelly Gibson Foundation, and the AJGA Ace Grant Program. Briggs has already successfully raised $10,180 and has hopes to almost quadruple that amount by the end of his high school career.

“I would be extremely blessed to reach $40,000. That would be my goal for my high school years,” Briggs said.

Briggs has his reasons for starting the charity, and since the beginning, it has been making a difference in the community and his personal life.

“I’m just happy to help someone. I know that the money I raised will impact someone’s life, and that makes me feel great. I would urge anyone reading this to make an effort every day to impact someone’s life for the better. It makes me happy to know that someone somewhere is happier. I thank all of my donors for making this possible,” Briggs said.

To donate or make a pledge to Birdies for Charity, follow this link: click here

One Comment on “SPS Junior Makes Difference, One Birdie at Time”

  1. Deepak Saini
    November 18, 2013 at 4:31 pm #

    Hi Thomas! Great article! Would you mind shooting me an email. I’m a reporter at WGNO and am interested in doing a story on Beau. Deepak@wgno.com



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