Marching Wolves Reach New Level

The Marching Wolves honor veterans during a November halftime show. (Photo by Joey Michel)

The Marching Wolves honor veterans during a November halftime show.
(Photo by Joey Michel)

You’ve all heard them at Mardi Gras and at the football games. You see them dancing and playing loudly. Their heads are up. Their eyes are full of pride. They are the St. Paul’s Marching Wolves. In recent years, changes have been made. From new uniforms to new instruments, the Marching Wolves have been hitting new heights and making an even bigger name for themselves.

This year, big things are happening for the Marching Wolves. It all started back in May when then senior drum major Travis Dugas passed his blue vest and bow tie down to the new junior drum major Lane Sumrall. He and new senior drum major Shane Jones lead the pack, side by side, through the streets of New Orleans and around the Hunter Stadium track. However, the new drum major announcement was only the beginning.

This year, the Marching Wolves have begun putting on bigger halftime shows and playing much tougher music, playing a variety of music ranging from the traditional homecoming show tunes like “You and I” to the more modern Daft Punk. During these halftime shows, dances from the famous Youtube video What Does the Fox Say, as well as three human worms, have shocked audiences all the way from Slidell to Covington.

Junior drum major Lane Sumrall dancing during the Daft Punk themed halftime show. (Photo Joey Michel)

Junior drum major Lane Sumrall dancing during the Daft Punk themed halftime show. (Photo by Joey Michel)

“The band’s sound has been tremendous this year and will improve by Mardi Gras. I’m really proud of the effort and hard work the fellas have been putting in,” Sumrall said.

The Marching Wolves also have plans to show off their “southern gentleman flair” around the country. They have been invited to Disney World in Orlando, Fla., this upcoming Easter break to perform for the crowds there. Also, this year will be the final year that the Marching Wolves will be submitting an application to perform in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. They have submitted an application before, but were unfortunately denied acceptance.

Since football season ended, the band has begun practicing for the upcoming parade season.

“We appreciate everything the band has done for us this season. They were great. They were instrumental in getting the crowd involved in the game, and they did a great job again this year,” Coach Sears, head football coach, said.

The Marching Wolves invite the community to come out and support them during the upcoming Mardi Gras season. They will be marching in Eve in Mandeville, Olympia in Covington, and in Carrolton, Hermes, Endymion, and Bacchus, all in New Orleans.

One Comment on “Marching Wolves Reach New Level”

  1. John Fairfax
    December 10, 2013 at 11:39 am #

    Congrats to Ross for an excellent article.  In the ten years I’ve been at St Paul’s, I’ve seen an immense improvement in our band.  Thanks to Andrew Moran and student leaders.  I think of Craig Henry and Travis Dugas.  If I went back to year books from the decade, I’m sure I could add quite a few more names.




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