Deadliest Teacher: The Matrix (Part 4)

Will Dart Vader prevail?

Will Dart Vader prevail?

When we last left off, Coach Simpson met his demise after crossing paths with Coach Pierre. With his bloodlust quenched, Coach Pierre headed back to what was left of his den to rest. Across campus, however, Mr. Dart was doing just the opposite. Having used up all of his art supplies to build a suit of armor, Mr. Dart felt brave enough to leave the safety of the art office. Armed with a yardstick, Mr. Dart crept down the hall towards the nearest stairwell. He knew that his best chance of getting food would be in the Mathematics Department office. He moved cautiously, knowing he would not be the only teacher with the same idea.

As Mr. Dart ascended to the second floor of LaSalle Hall, his trek was cut short. A massive wall of sophisticated math textbooks awaited him at the end of the stairway. Mr. Dart knew this could only be the work of Mrs. Jordan.

Before he could think of what to do next, a mighty roar bellowed from behind the hulking mass of books. Mrs. Jordan roared as she punched her wall, causing an avalanche of textbooks. The math books did a number on Mr. Dart, crushing him and foiling his plans by eliminating him from the competition. Mrs. Jordan laughed maniacally to herself at the thought of all the math puns she could make of the situation, then began to gather her books to build another wall.

Ms. Jordan was successful today, but will the victory go to her head?

Ms. Jordan was successful today, but will the victory go to her head?

While there was only one teacher left from the Mathematics Department, another department was about to hold one of the most glorious battles in Deadliest Teacher history. What will become of the maniacal Mrs. Jordan? Will Mr. Dart be avenged? Which teacher will fall next? Find out next time on Deadliest Teacher: The Matrix.

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