Chapel Visits Help Students Prepare for Christmas

Coach Bobak is about to read the gospel to the Period F religion classes

Religion Teacher Christian Bobak prepares to read the gospel to the Period F religion classes.

During this Advent season, religion classes during every period have gone to the Chapel to give thanks for Christ’s coming. Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah, born in a manger. Advent is a time to prepare to celebrate that birth on Dec. 25. While in the Chapel, the classes pray an opening prayer lead by one of the religion teachers, listen and reflect to a gospel reading, and sing “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.”

Chapel time is a peaceful time for meditation on classes, upcoming exams, and preparing for the coming of Christ. As the classes celebrate the coming of Jesus, they are also learning how to meditate and relax. Just as teachers always do, they teach. Just as Jesus always did, he taught the way of the Lord. This is the true meaning of being a Christian and having faith.

Merry Christmas from myself and the rest of the Paper Wolf staff!

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