‘Steven Universe’ is an Other Worldy Show

"Steven Universe" final poster concept. All rights are property of Cartoon Network.
“Steven Universe” final poster concept. All rights are property of Cartoon Network.

Since the last great animation month of September , the public has been introduced to another family member that has been warmly welcomed to Cartoon Network’s Monday block. “Steven Universe”— a new 15 minute comedy series created by former “Adventure Time” storyboard artist/songwriter Rebecca Sugar — aired its pilot episode on Monday, Nov. 3.

The show centers on Steven, a member of the Crystal Gems (a group of female warriors that protect the world from evil) who tries to figure out the secrets of the gem that he inherited from his mother, Rose Quartz. Whether it is a normal day in Beach City, or there’s another supernatural to take care of, Steven and his fellow Gems — Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl — will keep the viewer in a constant state of positive attention.

“Steven Universe” was started by Rebecca Sugar, the first female to ever have a show picked up by Cartoon Network Studios. The main character, Steven, is loosely based on Sugar’s younger brother, and the town of Beach City is an adaptation of places Sugar visited as a child.

The feedback for the series was one of very high praise. Many fans of the blockbuster show “Adventure Time” have tuned in to watch, as well as many new faces, too. The vivid imagery, skillfully crafted score, and likeable personalities of each of the main character have created the perfect formula for success for a series that will surely be around for many seasons to come. In fact, here are the first couple of episodes to get you started.

“Steven Universe” is currently running its first season’s episodes every Monday night on Cartoon Network at 8/7c p.m. Accompanied by “Adventure Time,” “Regular Show,” and other sure-to-be winner “Rick and Morty” at 10:30/9:30c p.m. on the Adult Swim line up, Cartoon Network is giving the fans a rich variety of excellent content — with the exception of “Uncle Grandpa.” That show is a joke that needs to be destroyed as soon as humanly possible.


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