St. Paul’s Remembers Justin Addison

Justin's family joined the student body in remembering Justin.

Justin’s family joined the student body in remembering Justin. (photo by Christi Simoneaux)

On Tuesday, Jan. 21, the students and faculty of St. Paul’s School came together for a prayer service in the Briggs Assembly Center to honor and remember the life of Justin Addison. The assembly marked the one year anniversary of Justin’s fatal cycling accident, in which he collided with an oncoming vehicle after running a stop sign.

During the prayer service, Justin was remembered as an outstanding young man, known to be a hard worker, honest, and always wearing a smile. A year from the loss, he continues to be fondly remembered by the St. Paul’s community.

“Justin was the type of guy that no matter what you asked of him, he’d do it with a smile, whether that was to lend you a dollar or give you a ride home in his newly acquired truck,” said senior Thomas Huval.

SPS teacher Thomas Lahey speaks at Justin Addison memorial service.

SPS teacher Thomas Lahey speaks at Justin Addison memorial service. (photo by Kole Gorney)

The prayer service, which was organized by junior Ross Allbritton, began with SPS teacher, Mark Richards, welcoming Justin’s family to the event and reading the opening prayer.

The service proceeded with a testimony from SPS teacher, Thomas Lahey. This was followed with a Bible reading by SPS senior Jose Castro, who also read an excerpt from Walt Whitman’s “Oh Captain! My Captain!”.

Castro’s reading was followed by a testimony by teacher Brad Guillory, who talked about how positive of a person Justin was.

Next, SPS teacher Kim Gardner read from Justin’s prayer journal. This was followed by a testimony by senior Jacob Hewson, who shared a story of one of his fondest memories of Justin, showing once again, how friendly and outgoing Justin truly was.

The service closed with Richards returning to the podium to lead the attendees in singing the school anthem, “Rise Up, O Men of God”.

“I thought the service went really well and was very pleased with the end result. I think Justin deserved the best and would have been proud of us all,” noted organizer Ross Allbritton.

A bench bearing one of Justin's favorite quotes sits near the chapel as a memorial. (photo by Kole Gorney)

A bench bearing a quote from one of Justin’s reflection papers sits near the chapel as a permanent memorial. The quote reads, “What is evident at St. Paul’s is our sense of brotherhood, both with our St. Paul’s classmates and the Lasallian community across the globe. The presence of God drifts about our campus like a thick perfume. One can feel it. Once can smell it.” (photo by Kole Gorney)

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