Soccer Wolves Win First Playoff Game

The soccer team huddles prior to Friday's game against Central B.R. (photo by Trey Couvillion)

The soccer team huddles prior to Friday’s game against Central B.R.
(photo by Trey Couvillion)

St. Paul’s won their first game in the 2014 LHSAA Division I Boy Soccer Playoffs. The Wolves defeated Central Baton Rouge at Hunter Stadium by a definitive 10-0. This was the first in four games that the Soccer Wolves need to win in order to get into the State Championship.

Junior Davis Neitzschman said he was pleased with the way his team played on Friday. 

“I thought we controlled the ball really well. Central wasn’t the toughest opponent we’ve played all year, but they were decent. We also got some goals in early which allowed us to get some subs in for some quality playing time. So overall, I thought it was a great first round,” he said.

The Wolves have been to the state playoff game the past three years, winning one of the three. For the Regional round of the playoffs, the Wolves will face a familiar district opponent, Fontainebleau High School. Earlier in the season SPS beat FHS on two separate occasions: 5-0 on Dec. 20, 2013, and 2-1 on Feb. 3, 2014.

Neitzschman says that he’s a little more worried about facing an opponent more then twice. “We’re 2-0 against them this season, it’s always hard to beat a team more than twice,” said Neitzchman. “But I feel confident.”

Neitzschman also commented on what he thought the keys to success are to make it through the playoffs and to the State Title Game. “We have to take it, not just one game at a time, but one practice at a time,  and every day just try to get better,” he said.

The St. Paul’s community is invited to come out and support the Soccer Wolves as they take on the FHS on Thursday, Feb. 13, at the FHS Dawg Pound. The game is scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m.

photo 5

St. Paul’s and Central B.R.’s starting line up walk to the center of the field for the announcement of the starters. (Photo by Trey Couvillion)

To view an upcoming schedule and scoreboard from past games, click here.

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