Deadliest Teacher: The Matrix part VI

The transformed hulking Coach Rob.
The transformed hulking Coach Rob.

When we last left off, Coach Rob had been transformed into a lethal fighting machine by Mr. Carambat, and had just eliminated Coach Pierre from the competition.

Coach Rob let out a violent roar, and the campus went quiet. The remaining teachers dared not make a sound, for fear of being detected. Although they remained silent on the outside, on the inside, they were all screaming in terror of what was to come. Then suddenly, as soon as it started, the silence was interrupted by yet another roar. This roar, however, was different. This was the roar of Coach Dickens.

The time was 3:05 p.m., and both men stood in the gravel pit, ready to battle. Without hesitation, Coach Rob picked off the nearest tree and hurled it towards Coach Dickens. The tree didn’t stand much of a chance, as Coach Dickens’ mighty roar split the tree in two, which he then grabbed from the air and threw back at Coach Rob. Coach Rob responded quickly with a graceful leap. Once in the air, Coach Rob began fussing at Coach Dickens.

Will Jim fly Coach Rob to safety?
Will Jim fly Coach Rob to safety?

The fussing, while being hurtful, served a dual-purpose. While Coach Rob was in the air, his genetically-modified cockatiel Jim swooped him up, and began to fly him to safety. Just when Coach Dickens thought that he had lost Coach Rob, he heard a loud crash. Someone had thrown a desk at Coach Rob and Jim, causing them both to crash into the cafeteria.

When Coach Dickens arrived at the cafeteria, Coach Rob was holding Jim. The excitement from the crash was just too much for his fragile bird heart. Coach Rob began yelling with a rage, now fueled by the death of his bird. As Coach Rob continued to yell, his body began to inflate and swell like a balloon, until he, ironically, imploded. The science behind the bizarre phenomenon is still unexplained. However, Coach Rob was eliminated from the competition.

Who will be eliminated next? Who threw the desk at Jim? How can something inflate and then implode? What will happen to Coach Dickens? Find out next time on Deadliest Teacher: The Matrix.

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