Dire Wolves Set Sights on State Championship

Dire Wolves placed 2nd in the Beowolf Tournament held on campus in the fall.
Dire Wolves placed 2nd in the Beowolf Tournament held on campus in the fall.
(photo from stpauls.com)

Building upon a successful fall season, the SPS Ultimate Frisbee team, also known as the Dire Wolves, returns for the spring season and has eyes on the state championship.

“I think we will do really well this season because a lot of new seniors are playing like Justin Sciortino and Cole Abraham,” Ultimate Frisbee player Connor Rees said.

Many students don’t know where the Dire Wolf team name originated from.

“I am pretty sure a dire wolf is just a humongous wolf that is extinct now,” Dire Wolf Parker Rice commented. “It isn’t relevant to frisbee at all.”

The first tournament for the Dire Wolves is March 15, in Baton Rouge. According to Team Captain David Conroy, Catholic High, Jesuit, and Baton Rouge Magnet are the top rivals for the teams this season. Jesuit won state for ultimate frisbee last year.

“I’m hoping we can win state and do well at a regional championship in South Carolina,” Conroy said. “I think if we don’t win state, I will be really disappointed in our team.”

The team currently practices on either the baseball field or soccer practice field. But according to Conroy, once soccer ends, the team will practice at Hunter Stadium Monday through Friday from 3:00 to 5:15 p.m. The the team is still accepting new players. If a person wants to join the team, all they have to do is show up for practice. According to Conroy, the team will teach new players the basics, but players may not make varsity squad initially, but will still be able to play.

According to Conroy, the season runs from March 15 through May 13.

“I started up the Ultimate Frisbee team again when Sam Tanner graduated in 2012,” Conroy said. “The program was kind of falling apart, so I stepped in and got things moving again.”

Conroy also stated the Ultimate Frisbee team is a lot of fun, and people should come out and support them whenever they can.


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