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Teacher Feature: Gina Hall, Certified Specialist for Apple

(COVINGTON, La.) — By day, Gina Hall is a St. Paul’s eighth and ninth grade guidance counselor. Away from school, though, she spends her time working for the company Apple. Hall recently earned the designation of “certified specialist,” for the multinational technology company. Specialists have many roles in Apple stores, including assisting customers and showing […]

New Classes According to You

(COVINGTON, La.)– St. Paul’s students recently participated in a survey gauging preferences for the 2019-2020 school year. The survey, conducted and tabulated during Pack Time, asked students to weigh in on proposed electives, hours of the school day, and daily routines. Of the 49 packs participating, 725 student responses were included in the tabulations. Proposed classes […]

(Smarticle) In Defense of “Modern” Art (No, You Couldn’t Have Done That)

(COVINGTON, La.) — In today’s world, specifically in southeast Louisiana, there exist three unmentionables: veganism, California, and modern art. People like to be victims and this sentiment seems to have extended to several parts of the United States where the people feel as if their cultural identity is repressed in modern society and, more important, […]