St. Paul’s School Media: From 1915 to Now

The St. Paul’s media room on the 3rd Floor of Dixon Hall in 1915 (photo- Karen Hebert).

(COVINGTON, La.) — St. Paul’s School has a long history of sponsoring media programs, specifically in regards to journalism and film. Be it the zany Guerilla Wolves video news, the award-winning newspaper The Paper Wolf, or the sleek The Conifer yearbook, St. Paul’s has always been committed to producing quality programs and services to its viewers and readers.

Media, however, is a fluid art form. In ancient Greece, popular media was poetry and theatre: funeral scenes and grand battles depicted on pottery and the fronts of temples. Since then media has evolved into novels and short stories and television and video games as well as the media forms of old. Some media forms have declined in popularity, such as the wireless telegraph.

In 1915, if you stepped into the media room at Dixon Hall, the monolithic school building that burned down in 1981, you would be greeted with the clicks and static of radios. The wireless telegraphy class taught St. Paul’s students how to operate radio equipment, a technology about to explode in popularity. St. Paul’s had their own radio station with the call letters SEQ, and they used their equipment to send and receive messages during WWI. In the wireless telegraphy class, St. Paul’s students could listen to international broadcasts and report on it to the rest of the school. Today, Guerilla Wolves Student News carries on this tradition through comedy skits and other journalistic endeavors on schoolwide broadcasts.

The Paper Wolf online student newspaper has won multiple awards, including several first-place prizes given by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, one of the most prestigious awards possible for any student newspaper. The Paper Wolf has remained at St. Paul’s School for years, providing outlets for students to hone their writing skills.

The Conifer yearbook at St. Paul’s School is also an accomplished program, winning several awards yearly and helping students with their writing and even aesthetic design prowess.

While in 1915 media students were confined to small rooms in Dixon Hall, today you can find the media programs in the spacious, new media room in Benilde Hall. This room houses all of the media programs at St. Paul’s, and allows for collaboration between them as well.




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