Teacher Feature: Gina Hall, Certified Specialist for Apple

(COVINGTON, La.) — By day, Gina Hall is a St. Paul’s eighth and ninth grade guidance counselor. Away from school, though, she spends her time working for the company Apple. Hall recently earned the designation of “certified specialist,” for the multinational technology company. Specialists have many roles in Apple stores, including assisting customers and showing them how products operate.

Gina Hall with other St. Paul’s alumni that work at Apple. (Photo Credit- Gina Hall)

Hall began her journey into this job 8 1/2 years ago when she stepped away from her role as principal of De La Salle High School to pursue other passions. Brother Jeffrey Calligan, an early adopter of Apple, introduced Hall to their groundbreaking tech products. Hall said that reading Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs, the biography of the founder of Apple, solidified her interest in the company. When a position finally opened, she and about 1200 others applied for it. Hall got the sought-after position and started her career with Apple.

During her years at Apple, Hall said she has, “learned the reckless nature of technology, as well as the fear some have of technology.” She said she has an uncanny social and psychological connection to people with Apple products. By putting herself in other people’s shoes, Hall says she is better able to understand and relate to their emotions toward to products. “As such, I am able to more passionately help them,” she said.

“Teacher Feature” is a series following the interesting lives and careers of St. Paul’s faculty and staff.



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