St. Paul’s School State Literary Rally Results


St. Paul’s had eight winners at the April State Literary Rally held at LSU. The State Literary Rally is an academic competition in which the top high school students in a given subject from each district in Louisiana take a standardized test. Each testing room divides students up into three to four different sections, with students earning placements within their section for a test. The top scorers from each section are then compared, with the highest scorer from all of the sections winning first overall. The section scorers from St. Paul’s are:

Andrew Aceves, Superior, Boys Low Voice (superior)

Andrew Norlin, second place, Calculus 2

Blake Bollinger, first place, Computer Sciences

Brady Tally, fourth place, English 2

Carter Murphy, second place, Geometry

Stephen Millet, first place, Physics

Davis Lagarde, first place, World History

Hal Fox was the only St. Paul’s student to win overall in a subject with first place overall in Journalism.



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