It’s Not Too Late to Get Involved

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“What can I do after school other than sports?” asks a new eighth grader. This seems to be one of the main questions asked by prospective students and existing students alike. Every year at Open House, President/Principal Bro. Ray, FSC, ties this into his speech, as well as the students asked to speak about campus life. One of things that sets St. Paul’s apart from other schools is the large number of extracurricular activities available to suit every walk of life.

Lasallian Youth
Lasallian Youth Leaders William Saucier and Burke Irwin talk to potential member Spenser Rhodes at ‘Get Involved Day’ (foreground) while Parker Layman recruits Jackson Lohmeyer for the Comic Book Club (background). (photo by Andrew Dart)

Activities never seem to cease around St. Paul’s. As one bead drive ends, a food drive begins. Fundraisers are never-ending. Pizza days seem to happen every other week. But who organizes all of these fundraisers? There are about 50 clubs around campus, not including sports, and most of these clubs do some sort of fundraiser at some point in the year.

It’s not difficult to get involved in any of these clubs either. At the beginning of each school year, St. Paul’s has a “Get Involved Day.” This day provides an opportunity, especially for new students, to get involved in some sort of extracurricular activity. Since new clubs are being added each year, this gives students a great opportunity to see what’s new. But, even at this point in the school year, most clubs continue to accept new members.

Peyton Burkenstock and David Glasgow cast their lines at the first Fly Fishing Club meeting. The club is now in its second year at SPS. (stock club photo)

If there is a club that a student wants at St. Paul’s that is not already in existence, the process to start it is surprisingly easy. He must first find a teacher willing to serve as moderator. He must then get the club approved by the school administration and recruit students to join. Many of the current clubs at St. Paul’s started this way, including the Quidditch Team/Harry Potter Club,  fly fishing club, and ping pong club.

“It’s pretty clearly evident in educational research that when students are involved in some activity outside of their classroom, related to their school — be it athletic, music, theater, fly fishing, you name it — when they have some other significant connection to their school, that they always do better academically,” Assistant Principal Trevor Watkins said.

In addition, the more involved a student is, the more points he can get for the prestigious Golden Torch Award. In order to receive this award, the student must be on honor roll for the first three quarters of the school year, as well as be involved in a variety of extracurriculars. At the end of the year, a student can pick up a Golden Torch form and have teachers and moderators fill it out. Each club and sport is allotted a certain number of points in relation to the activity’s time requirements, and points are tallied at the end of the year. If the student gets enough points, he can receive the Golden Torch Award.

2013 graduate Bobby Bayer drives the Viper III in last year's Shell Eco-Car Marathon Competition. The Wolves on Wheels club are currently working on the entries to this year's contest. (photo courtesy Shell Oil)
2013 graduate Bobby Bayer drives the Viper III in last year’s Shell Eco-Car Marathon Competition. The Wolves on Wheels club is currently working on the entries to this year’s contest. (photo courtesy Shell Oil)

“If you look at the list of offerings that we have as a school, and the range of offerings, from an extensive athletic program to academic and social and service and organizations, you will see, as a school, we believe in that philosophy. We want our students to be involved, to extend themselves beyond the classroom and to try new things, to expand as people, and to learn about things that interest them and bring those talents to our school,” Watkins said.

Despite the fact that the school has already entered the final quarter of the year, it’s not too late for students to expand their involvement by joining a club. Below is a list of clubs and organizations as well as their moderators and contact info.

“As far as I’m concerned, if we have a group of students interested in anything, I will do all I can to make sure that we have that available to them,” Watkins promised.


Extracurricular Contact Information

Art Club: Andrew Dart or Gerald Ancar
Athletic Director: Craig Ketelsen
Band: Moran Andrew
Baseball: Mick Nunez
Basketball: Phil Williams
Beowolves Writer’s Club: Brad Guillory
Bowling: Paul Scoriels
Boys’ State: Brian Logarbo
Chess Club: Andrew Moran
Comic Book Club: Alex Lacour
Cross Country: Al Nastasi, III
Drama Productions: Denny Charbonnet
Environmental Science Club: Mark Richards
Eucharistic Ministers: Barrett Baumgartner
Fly-Fishing Club: Trevor Watkins
Football: Ken Sears
Foreign Language Festival: Liz Brett
Golf: Luke Barwick
Graphic Design: John Carambat
Guerilla Wolves Video Club: Brad Guillory
Gymnastics: Amy Marshall
Habitat for Humanity: Richard Pichon
Indoor Track: Al Nastasi, III
In-Line Hockey: Paul Scoriels
JROTC Color Guard: MSgt East
Key Club: Trevor Watkins
Lacrosse: Austin Speni
Lasallian Formation/Ministry: Barrett Baumgartner
Lasallian Youth Leaders: Myrle Wiggins
Liturgical Band: Christi Simoneaux
March for Life: Christian Bobak
Math Tournaments: Susan Jordan
Mu Alpha Theta: Pam Cullen
National Honor Society: Kristin LaGraize
Outdoor Track: Al Nastasi,III
Paper Wolf: Christi Simoneaux
Power Lifting: Lee Pierre
Quiz Bowl: Emilie Allen
Regional Science Fair: John Carambat
Robotics Club: Stephen Englehardt
Rugby: Brad Marchese
Sea-Wolves (underwater robotics): William Nunez
Soccer: Sean Moser
Spanish Club: Liz Brett
Spanish National Honor Society: Kim George
Student Council: Amy Marshall
Student Hosts: Karen Hebert
Student Trainers (not sport specific): Chris Stipe
Swimming: Bill Babcock
Tennis: Bro.Ken Boesch
Ultimate Frisbee: Mark Richards
Volleyball: Amy Marshall
Wolves of Fury (ping-pong): Jim Robertson
Wolves on Wheels (Shell Eco-Car): John Carambat
World War II Quiz Bowl Brian Logarbo
Wrestling Craig Ketelsen
Young Lawyers Club Brian Logarbo
Youth in Government Kim Gardner



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