Deadliest Teacher: The Matrix (Part VII)

When we last left off, Coach Rob had mysteriously imploded with rage from the loss of his bird, Jim.

Coach Dickens, unsure of what he had just seen, began to rummage through the cafeteria for rations. He didn’t know what he would find, but he had a feeling that he would find something of use. As he dug through the rubble of what used to be the kitchen of the cafeteria, he did indeed find something. Curiously, Coach Dickens pulled what turned out to be a desk from a pile of debris. Just as Coach Dickens began to examine the desk, another one came flying towards him. Coach Dickens responded with a backflip, grabbed the desk, and still in motion, hurled it back in the direction from which it came.

“There’s no use hiding! There’s only one teacher at St. Paul’s that good at kicking things at people! Come on out and kick things at me like a man, Brad!” yelled Dickens.

A figure appeared in the open space of the cafeteria. It was none other than the crafty and illusive, Mr. Guillory.

“Prepare to be annihilated, Coach Dickens!” exclaimed Mr. Guillory, as he picked up the desk, and once again kicked it towards Coach Dickens. “You ninnyhammer!”

Coach Dickens was quick to react with a kick, sending the desk back to Mr. Guillory, once again, beginning a chain reaction of high-brow insults between the two English teachers.






Bradzilla torches King Koach with a fiery barb.


The kicking and complex name-calling went on for hours, until both teachers’ energy and vocabulary were depleted, rendering them unable to continue fighting, and disqualifying them both from the competition.

While Coach Dickens and Mr. Guillory had just been eliminated from the competition, Coach Moser and Mrs. Case were in the middle of a tussle of their own.

What will happen to Mrs. Case? What tricks plays does Coach Moser have up his sleeve? Who will become the next Deadliest Teacher? How many roman numerals can we use this year? Find out all of these things, and much more, next time on Deadliest Teacher: The Matrix ( Part VIII).


For archives of previous episodes, visit the Deadliest Teacher page.


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