Five New Albums You Should Be Listening To

For your listening pleasure, below are five albums compiled to boost your music library, and expand your genre range. These albums were brought from Valhalla to grace your iPhones, iPods, and CD collections. Enjoy.


sisyphus  Sisyphus – Sisyphus:

Otherwise known as S/S/S, this collaborative group comprised of Sufjan Stevens, Serengeti, and Son Lux have recently debuted a self-titled album that is available to listen to and for purchase here. The album combines the artistic styles of all three musicians respectively, and the song “Calm it Down” off of this track list is a very strangely mesmerizing song. Definitely something to hear.


tycho   Tycho – Awake:

As I sit here and write this, I’m currently listening to the ambient wonders of Tycho’s new works. This album flows together wonderfully and will put you in the most mellow of moods. It’s one of those things you can listen to and be at peace with life. Top songs from this album are “Awake” and “Apogee”. If you need a new relax and unwind playlist, give this album a once-over. You can listen here for free and click here to purchase and download.


chvrchesChvrches – The Bones of What you Believe:

You’re seeing the name correctly. Chvrches, pronounced as “churches,” is a Scottish electronic band. They do a phenomenal job with the rhythm of each song. The synthesizers sound fantastic, and Lauren Mayberry has such an incredible voice. This album gives off a bit of an old-school German electro vibe.  The top track is the hit single “The Mother We Share,” but another personal favorite is “Tether”. Certainly, if nothing else, go listen to this album here and check the band out over yonder.


st vincentSt. Vincent – St. Vincent: 

Annie Clark’s fourth album dropped in February and has gathered some serious popularity. Her style is so incredibly out there. With the number of different instruments you’re going to come across when listening, the uniqueness of the sound alone will grab your attention. My personal favorite track is “Digital Witness,” and I’ll thank you to visit this website to learn more.


Plasticbeach452Gorillaz- Plastic Beach:

Due to an incredible moral conundrum involving the well-being of our audience, the final album for the day has been revised to be “Plastic Beach” by the Gorillaz. This disc dropped about four years ago, so we’ll label this one a new-ish release and just look the other way. Anyway, this album is one of the final known chapters in the lives of our friends, the band members: 2D, Russ, Murdoc, and Noodle. There were quite the number of hits to come from this piece of art including “Rhinestone Eyes” and the title song “Plastic Beach”. Gorillaz offer a different style, with epic stories. Check them out now if you’re feeling daring.

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One Comment on “Five New Albums You Should Be Listening To”

  1. Brad Marchese
    April 2, 2014 at 10:05 am #

    Great Job Barry. All good music.

    Coach Marchese

    Liked by 1 person


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