Wolf of the Week – Reese Cowen

Reese after a Mardi Gras parade with a friend
Reese after a Mardi Gras parade with a friend, Kristin Jennings 

This is the first time the Wolf of the Week has been an 8th grader, but this young man is well deserving to have this label for his outgoing personality. This is Reese Cowen’s first year at St. Paul’s. He enjoys going to school and knows he made the right choice to join the Wolves. Reese said, since coming to St. Paul’s in August, he has made many new friends who he now hangs out with on the weekends and goes to parties with. Eighth grade year is regarded as an important year to meet new people because of all the new, fresh faces, and Reese has done a great job of that. Now, when you see Reese around campus, give him a “shout-out” for being Wolf of the Week. Here are some facts about Reese Cowen:

  • 13 years old
  • 5’0″ 85 lbs.
  • Out of school, he likes to play baseball for a travel team.
  • One of his favorite hobbies is playing sports with friends.
  • If he could be a superhero, he would be Superman because he’s strong and can fly.
  • One thing he is terrified of is snakes (fresh meat Mr. Carambat).
  • The monkey that Reese would love to have as a pet.
    The monkey that Reese would love to have as a pet.

    His ideal pet would be a monkey.

  • His best friend at St. Paul’s is John Gardner.
  • Favorite subject in school is Earth Science with Mr. Richards.
  • His favorite genre of music is rap.
  • When he was a child, he wanted to be a Navy Seal.
  • If a movie was made about Reese’s life, he would like Will Ferrel to act as him.
  • He would like to attend LSU in the future.
  • His favorite movie is the original “Monsters Inc.”
  • A quote that Reese likes to live by is, “With great power comes great responsibility.”
  • Although Reese is not currently involved in any extracurriculars at SPS, he is a super-fan and enjoys watching all of the school sports.


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