SPS Matheletes Take State for Second Consecutive Year


With trophies in hand, the Math Wolves take a victory lap around the gym during an assembly on Tuesday, April 8. Assembly victory laps have become a school tradition for any team to win state honors. (Photo by Karen Hebert)

From April 3 to April 5, the St. Paul’s Math Wolves competed in the state Mu Alpha Theta math convention and took first place–for the second year in a row–out of 31 schools in the sweepstakes competition, the equivalent of a state championship in math.

“We are so excited that it happened two years in a row, and we are going for a three-peat next year,” said Susan Jordan, math teacher and Moderator of the SPS Mu Alpha Theta chapter.

The convention, which took place in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Baton Rouge, consisted of area tests, individual tests, team tests, math bowls, ciphering, and interschool competitions, as well as a dance and an awards ceremony.

The winners are listed below.

Area Tests

9th place: sophomore Ethan Desforges, Equations and Inequalities; sophomore John Cresson, Advanced Algebra

7th place: senior Evan Lewis, Functions

4th place: senior Mitch St. Pierre, Statistics

3rd place: junior Colin Skinner, Functions, senior Grant Connolly, History of Math

Individual Tests

18th place: sophomore Patrick Connolly, Algebra II

17th place: junior Aaron Nguyen, Advanced Math

10th place: junior Max Gold, Advanced Math

5th place: senior August Dixon, Calculus

2nd place: sophomore Luke Avenel, Algebra II

1st place: sophomore Ryan Meraux, Algebra II; junior George Cazenavette, Calculus

Team Tests

7th place: Desforges, junior Warner Moore, junior Ben Toups, and Connolly, Hustle

Math Bowl

3rd place: Gold, Nguyen, junior Hunter Simonson, and junior Matthew Baldone, Advanced Math; Dixon, Cazenavette, senior Brennan Skinner, and junior Ryan Keller, Calculus

1st place: Meraux, Avenel, freshman Ruston Keller, and Patrick Conolly, Algebra II

Highest Cipherer

1st place: Luke Avenel, Algebra II


5th place: Cresson, Desforges, Meraux, Ruston Keller, and Avenel, Lower; Nguyen, Simonson, junior Connor Lu, Baldone, Gold, junior Winston Duffour, junior Michael Brands, Toups, Moore, junior Jack Dubriel, Dixon, Cazenavette, Ryan Keller, St. Pierre, Brennan Skinner, Grant Conolly, senior Grant Landewehr, and senior Max Morvant, Lewis, Upper


1st place (equivalent to state championship)

convention team

Members of Mu Alpha Theta show off their awards from this year’s convention. The team placed first overall for the second consecutive year. (photo by Karen Hebert)

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