SPS Rocks Foreign Language Festival

St. Paul’s sent a delegation of students to compete in the recent Foreign Language Festival held at Southeastern University (SLU) to see who had the best Spanish skills in Louisiana, which resulted in seven awards for SPS in the Spanish division.

According to SLU,  the Foreign Language Festival celebrates the study of foreign languages and cultures and provides an opportunity to demonstrate proficiency and achievement. The festival is designed to motivate students, inform them of employment opportunities, help them understand their own and other heritages, and illustrate the international and intercultural opportunities and challenges of the modern world.

St. Paul’s sent 23 students to compete in the festival, and overall eight students placed in the top three of their respective division.

Bryan Livaudais and Peter Yaegar perform for the SPS faculty and students. ( photo by Karen Hebert)

Bryan Livaudais and Peter Yager perform their winning song for the SPS faculty and students at a recent Principal’s Assembly. (photo by Karen Hebert)

First place awards in the Spanish division went to Patrick Stewart for Spanish Poetry III, William Kenyon for Spanish Poetry IV, and Bryan Livaudais and Peter Yager for Spanish Music.

Second place awards went to Jack Nunez for Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking I and Austin Williams for Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking III.

Third place awards went to A.J. LaCroix for Spanish Poetry II and Kaleb Sandino for Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking in the native speakers category.

Hosts of the festival, SLU includes the annual event as part of their overall mission of the school’s Department of Language and Communication Department. According to the department’s website, their mission is to “develop student competencies in oral, written, and visual communication by providing opportunities for focused study and research in broadcasting, speech communication, interpersonal communication, multi-platform journalism, public relations, and organizational communication. Acquisition of communication skills will facilitate participation in the economy, development, and culture of southeast Louisiana and beyond.”

According to SPS Department Chari Liz Brett, the St. Paul’s Spanish Department’s goal in participating in the festival is to enable students to utilize their target language and increase their awareness of diverse cultures.

According to Brett, many St. Paul’s students approach foreign language study as they do other courses, simply to fulfill a graduation requirement. Regardless, foreign languages have something to offer everyone. Some students are interested in the intellectual challenge that benefits those who master multiple languages.

“As a Spanish teacher my goal is to offer the students a quality Spanish education,” said Brett.

For a full list of the Foreign Language Festival winners click here.

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