Video Game Review: 5 Top Tier Classic Games

This review focuses on five classic gaming hits you definitely need to experience for yourself. You’ll most likely have heard of these games, but may have never had the chance to play them before. Because they’re much older, some of them should be relatively easy to find on eBay or other second-hand sources. Let’s get started.

BubbleBobble_7870Bubble Bobble (NES)

Bubble Bobble has an old-fashioned defeat the enemy, get points mechanic to it. Players control different Bubble Dragons and move along platforms defeating enemies and acquiring food. Points are measured in the amount of food your Dragon eats, so be quick, and try to shred through as many foes as possible. The best part about this game is the multi-player function. You’ll have twice the fun if you play this with a dear friend, or the neighbor kid you don’t like so much, and rub victory right in his/her face while your 8-bit dragon pal defeats them in a fit of haste, gluttonous combat.

punch outMike Tyson Punch-Out!! (NES)

Punch-Out!! is a smash game for the Nintendo Entertainment System for a very apparent reason. The whole story is centered around your character Little Mac’s quest to become the world champion boxer by taking on different opponents from a broad range of countries. And let me tell you, there is nothing more satisfying than landing a combo and getting a K.O. with a star punch. Furthermore, you get a very upbeat trainer, Doc Louis, in your corner. His advice is pretty straight-forward, whether he’s telling you to maybe avoid those punches from your menacing, hulking competitor or buy a subscription to “Nintendo Power.” This game is jam-packed with hilarity, determination, and gives off a sense of accomplishment. That is, until you actually get to the final combatant, Mike Tyson. It’s at this point, you’ll probably want to set the controller down and take a soul-searching walk. Seriously, put aside some time to mull over the decisions you’ve made.

earthboundEarthbound (SNES)

Nothing can prepare you for the sharp left turn this thing makes at the very end. It goes down in history as one of the creepiest, most in-depth horror stories in any game. By the way, Earthbound is rated KA (KIDS to adults). That being said, this is one of the absolute best RPG’s out there. You play as Ness and, along with all your friends, you battle enemies across different cities and villages boosting up your experience points and stats along the way. Something to note about this game is the music during enemy battles. It’s always a treat to have an epic tune to go along your quest. Brace yourself for the last boss, Giygas. That’s one enemy who doesn’t play around. Prices are very steep for the cartridge, but you can download it as well on the Nintendo eShop with your Wii U console. Go in to this game a kid, and come out a man. A very psychologically distraught man.

Kirby64_boxKirby 64 The Crystal Shards (N64)

Kirby 64 is a wonderfully hypnotic adventure game for the Nintendo 64. Of course, you’ll be taking on the role of the pink, binge-eating puffball that can summon the powers of any element at a moment’s notice, so you’ll be in good hands. For this platform, it’s your job to rid the galaxy of Dark Matter, help your new friend Ribbon back to her home world of Ripple Star, and save all of its inhabitants. Easy right? Well, you’ll also have to go through six levels and find 100 crystal pieces so you can use their power as weapon that has to be finished in order to even unlock the final stage of the game. Don’t worry though, you get very little help from your three other friends sometimes. On a serious note, Kirby 64 is a vibrant, well put-together piece of art. The power ups are incredibly fun to use, the sub levels all seem to be just the right length, and the music is spectacular. Speaking of which, the entire soundtrack is included on the cartridge and can be accessed on the profile menu. Play this game, save the galaxy!

luigiLuigi’s Mansion (Gamecube)

Here’s the rundown. You play as Luigi, and you won a mansion in a contest. You go there to meet up with Mario who, upon arrival, is nowhere to be seen. Plot twist — the entire joint is haunted, your brother has been kidnapped by ghosts, and now you meet up with an old professor who gives you his gadgets in order to catch every single other worldly spirit that is inhabiting this forsaken place. Each of the boss entities has a hilarious — and sometimes tragic — back story, but you’ll find out more about each one as you catch them. Hope you’re ready to use every single button on that controller of yours buddy; you’re in for a long night of puzzles, action, and a lot of  “this game isn’t scary…woah, what was that?” Luigi’s Mansion is a newer twist on the classic Mario franchise and one of the personal favorites. You won’t be sorry playing this game; it isn’t player’s choice for nothing.


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