Founder’s Week Connects SPS with Greater Lasallian World

The week of March 31 to April 4 was an extremely important week for St. Paul’s as a Lasallian school because the school celebrated Founder’s Week, celebrated by Lasallian schools worldwide. The week’s activities were put on by St. Paul’s ministry group, Lasallian Youth Leaders (LYL), and is one of the many student planned/run events each year by LYL.

jerry, tim, and louis
Bro. Jerry Vincent, Bro. Tim Coldwell, and Bro. Louis Welker wear the traditional cassocks for the Founder’s Day Mass.

“My favorite part was watching all the Lasallian Youth Leaders grow and learn more about the Founder and the Lasallian world as they planned, prepared, and put the week into action,” Myrle Wiggins, LYL moderator, said.

The purpose of Founder’s Week is to remind students of their Lasallian roots and to raise awareness for the mission of the Christian Brothers in education that began over 300 years ago.The whole tradition of Founder’s Week is that it’s celebrated by the over 900 Lasallian schools located around the world.

Each day of Founder’s Week is associated with one of the Lasallian Core Principles. Monday was “Faith in the Presence of God.” Tuesday was “Quality Education.” Wednesday was “Respect for All Persons.” Thursday was “Concern for the Poor and Social Justice.” Lastly, Friday was “Inclusive Community.” The principles were introduced each morning by members of the faculty through daily reflections.

Founder’s Week was full of different activities — such as prayer services and assemblies to stress the theme of the day, opportunities for teachers to share some of their education experiences to provide a connection with the core principles, and group activities at field day on Friday.

The prayer service took place on Monday to celebrate the principle of Faith and included a seminarian band that not only jammed out for the student body, but also gave talks on how they found their vocations. The assembly on Thursday included a reflection on “Concern for the Poor and Social Justice” from senior Benny Miller and two SPS faculty members, Austin Ashcraft and Brad Marchese.

Field Day was a success, despite the original outdoor plans being put to a halt by Mother Nature. LYL quickly thought of a back-up plan that brought the whole of Field Day from Hunter Stadium to the Gene Bennett Sports Complex. There, the student body took part in grade-wide volleyball, basketball, tug-of-war, Frisbee toss, and lastly an epic dance-off, which Ethan Gunter won.

“Going to Plan B for Field Day was a challenge, but it was doable because the group was practicing leadership skills,” Wiggins said.


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